Some Not All Supermen News AND Book Recommendations!

We’re nearing two months since Not All Supermen came out, and thanks again to everyone who’s picked it up! I hope you’re all enjoying it. It’s been fun to see how timely it’s been, in a totally unplanned way. There’s a whole section on She-Hulk in the book, just in time for the Disney+ showContinue reading “Some Not All Supermen News AND Book Recommendations!”

The Best Wonder Woman Comics of All Time on Polygon

I’m back on Polygon today, and this time things are a little more controversial! I was asked to assemble a list of the best Wonder Woman comics of all time, and this is the result. First, know that I suffered for this. Enjoyably so, though. It was really fun to put this together! But soContinue reading “The Best Wonder Woman Comics of All Time on Polygon”

Scooby-Doo’s Best Moment On Paradise Island

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #5 came out last week, and the Scooby gang traveled to Paradise Island to help Wonder Woman with a spooky mystery, on the recommendation of Batman no less! The book was fantastic; it was fun and amusing, with lots of great gags and cool references to Wonder Woman’s mythos. The setting seemed toContinue reading “Scooby-Doo’s Best Moment On Paradise Island”

Remembering Nick Cardy With His Wonder Woman Covers

Earlier this week, famed comic book artist Nick Cardy passed away at the age of 93.  Cardy began in comics in 1939 at Eisner & Iger, and later won two Purple Hearts during World War Two.  Years after the war, Cardy was hired by DC Comics, where he was best known for launching the SilverContinue reading “Remembering Nick Cardy With His Wonder Woman Covers”