My Top 10 Favourite Comic Books of 2015

Now that the year is almost over, it’s a good time to look back at the comic books I most enjoyed this year. Usually I like to do an all new Top 10, focusing on my new favourites, but so many books stayed ridiculously good this year that my pull list hasn’t changed a lot.Continue reading “My Top 10 Favourite Comic Books of 2015”

My Top 11 Comics Of 2014

I’ve been brainstorming my top comics of the year for a few weeks now, making notes when I thought of a book I really liked, and I’ve been slowly amassing a really decent list of titles. Then I sat down to figure out my top ten (which turned into a top eleven because there wereContinue reading “My Top 11 Comics Of 2014”

New Books Announced At Image Expo Feature Female Characters And Creators

Publishers seem very keen on having a big October, with Vertigo announcing a slew of new titles on Monday and yesterday bringing a wide assortment of new book announcements from Image as well at their Image Expo.  There are some cool sounding books coming from some big name creators, and it was good to seeContinue reading “New Books Announced At Image Expo Feature Female Characters And Creators”