The Best Wonder Woman Comics of All Time on Polygon

I’m back on Polygon today, and this time things are a little more controversial! I was asked to assemble a list of the best Wonder Woman comics of all time, and this is the result. First, know that I suffered for this. Enjoyably so, though. It was really fun to put this together! But soContinue reading “The Best Wonder Woman Comics of All Time on Polygon”

Wonder Woman #24 Preview AKA House Hunters International

The Mary Sue seems to be the place to go for Wonder Woman related previews lately, and now they’ve got a peek at Wonder Woman #24.  Last we saw our intrepid hero, she had defeated the First Born and killed her mentor Ares, taking over his role as the God of War.  And now, itContinue reading “Wonder Woman #24 Preview AKA House Hunters International”