Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1 Preview: “Doomed” Rolls On

In an odd move that may irk some customers, DC Comics is continuing the ongoing “Doomed” crossover between Superman/Wonder Woman and Action Comics in a pair of $4.99 annuals this week. So to get the full story, you have to shell out another ten bucks on top of what you’re already paying to get bothContinue reading “Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1 Preview: “Doomed” Rolls On”

Superman/Wonder Woman #10 Preview OR No Wonder Woman So Far

The “Doomed” storyline continues in this week’s Superman/Wonder Woman #10, following up on whatever happened in the last issue of Action Comics. Superman is turning into a Doomsday monster and doing lots of crazy things, I guess. I don’t know; Superman is not why I read this book. Which is irksome this month because WonderContinue reading “Superman/Wonder Woman #10 Preview OR No Wonder Woman So Far”