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Wonder Woman and Justice League Trailers Debut at Comic-Con, and Both Look Cool!

July 23, 2016

Today was Warner Bros.’ movie panel at San Diego Comic-Con, and that video right above this text is the first Wonder Woman trailer. Can we just take a second to appreciate that this finally exists? I mean, dang, it’s been decades of development to get here. We’ve seen a million different Batmans and Spider-Mans and Supermans and now we’ve finally got Wonder Woman on the big screen in her own film. It’s so overdue, but exciting nonetheless.

And, thank the goddesses, it’s pretty fun. This is a trailer in which Wonder Woman infiltrates a fancy party with a sword hidden in the back of her dress. I am SO on board for that. Plus, all of the elements are there. Amazons on a hidden island, a crashed Steve Trevor, a bad ass Diana whooping all kind of dudes, even friggin’ Etta Candy. This is a legit Wonder Woman.

Plus the action looks ridiculously fun. I still don’t love that Wonder Woman has a sword all the dang time, hilarious party subterfuge aside, but the fights here look super rad. And the lasso glows! It also glowed for the 12 seconds she used it in Batman v Superman, and it looked cool there so I’m glad they’re continuing it here. It’s kind of awesome.

We’ve also got a properly mystical and magical Paradise Island, which is key. It’s otherworldly, to be sure. And “They do not deserve you” is my favourite line in the whole trailer. I am all about a Hippolyta who loves her daughter fiercely and has some qualms about sending her out into the barbaric world of men. So often we see that mother/daughter relationship portrayed poorly, and the hints of it we see in this trailer really hit the mark for me.

Also, Steve Trevor is kind of endearing, which is a pleasant surprise. Steve is so often boring, but casting Chris Pine was a smart move. I suppose your enjoyment of Steve will depend on your enjoyment of Pine, but I’ve found his handsome snarkiness enjoyable over the years. He comes off as a good man in the trailer, and that’s all he needs to be really. Then at the end we get Etta Candy! Instantly taking a shine to Diana, like Etta always should. That final scene is a delight.

However, it’s a British Etta Candy during World War One, and that still feels weird to me. It’s a good trailer and I’m cautiously optimistic about the movie, but this is not a Wonder Woman that has ever existed before. Her classic origin is rooted in World War Two, and her successive incarnations have only updated her origin to a more modern setting. There’s never been a Diana in 1910s England, or a British Etta, or Amazons fighting the Kaiser’s troops. It’s Wonder Woman, but it’s not quite Wonder Woman for me. Yet. The change may well grow on me once I see the film. But I still feel a slight disconnect about the change in setting and time, and the ripples that causes in the mythos.

Also, as I’ve mentioned several times, situating Wonder Woman so far in the past may limit her relevance. It’s easy to make Wonder Woman look cool and feminist against sexists dudes from a century past, and to poke holes in the inequality of those days; this is a world where women couldn’t even vote yet! But we’re dealing with 2016 sexism these days, and lots of it. Pitting  Wonder Woman versus straw men ideologies everyone today agrees was bad is weak sauce. Wonder Woman should be confronting the issues that face women today.

Still, Gal Gadot is a GREAT Wonder Woman, and she’s amazing in this trailer. She captures the character so well, and I love the strength and regality and power she brings to the role. Patty Jenkins looks to have a good handle on Wonder Woman as well, and on a big action film. Everything felt like Wonder Woman, to a certain extent, and it was all suitably epic and action packed and exciting. They seem to be an excellent team.

I still have no idea what this movie is about, other than that it’s Wonder Woman’s origin. The bad guys appear to be Danny Huston and maybe that gal in the mask, but I have no idea who they are or what their objective is. Or what the plot is more broadly. It clearly involves the first world war, and it seems that the Amazons are going to get dragged into it, but this was more a teaser than anything overly specific in terms of plot.

It’s a dang good looking teaser, though, and I’m excited to learn more. I still have little to no faith whatsoever in DC’s cinematic universe after Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, and there are choices here with Wonder Woman that I’m not yet sold on. But the trailer looks very cool, and has definitely increased my optimism about the film as a whole.

And here’s something even crazier: We got a Justice League trailer as well, and it actually doesn’t look terrible:

Zack Snyder and company seem to have learned from the poor reception of Batman v Superman, and have actually given this film some humour and fun. The Flash seems poised to steal the movie, though bad ass Aquaman is clearly going to be a fan favourite as well. Wonder Woman doesn’t get a lot to do, but the tone in general is light and pleasant, even with an alien menace on the horizon. Affleck’s Batman seems like less of a psychotic jerk, and the trailer as a whole feels more like a DC property than anything the studio’s put out over the past decade or so. I am so pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it. If they can figure out how to turn this franchise around from its bleak dourness, so one will be happier than me.

So HOORAY we’ve got a Wonder Woman trailer and DOUBLE HOORAY it doesn’t suck! Fingers crossed that they can pull off something cool here and reset the board for a more enjoyable universe with this and Justice League. These trailers are an excellent start.

New Wonder Woman Movie Poster Highlights Power, Grace, Wisdom, Wonder

July 22, 2016


It’s San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, so we’re getting lots of fun geeky news, and we got a huge reveal today with the first official poster for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, the film will be out in June 2017; we’ve seen a few pictures so far and a couple of very brief clips, but now we’ve got a poster! I’m hoping that we’ll get a trailer before the weekend is out, but the poster is pretty rad.

First, the text totally gets it. “Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder” is a such a great encapsulation of the character. These absolutely are the traits that have defined Wonder Woman for decades, and it’s encouraging to see the film acknowledge that from the get go by establishing these words as its definition of the character. It also wisely avoided certain other descriptions. There’s nothing about her appearance at all, for instance. So often we get a focus on Diana’s beauty above all else, and here they skip it entirely. Gal Gadot is obviously lovely, so perhaps they just thought that pointing it out would be redundant. But I’m guessing that they realized that male characters don’t get associated with their appearance; Superman would never have “Handsome” written on his poster. It’s a smart acknowledgement that women are so much more than their appearance.

They also avoid anything martial, like “Warrior” or some such. We get “Power” instead, which is a telling choice. It’s a wider term that encompasses more of the character rather than sharply defining her in terms of violence and warfare. “Power” suggests physical strength, but it also suggests gravitas and leadership and a sort of influentialness that speaks to Wonder Woman as a cultural icon.

Now, we do get a sword, so that does show her martial side. If I’m honest, I’d love to see Wonder Woman without the sword for a change. She’s not a character who I think needs a weapon, particularly one designed to maim or kill. It’s not a weapon for subduing someone, it’s a weapon for battle, and to me, Wonder Woman sees battle as a last resort. So I don’t love the sword.

What I do love, though: The colour! She’s red and blue and gold! Remember a few Comic-Cons back when we got our first official look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and it was all browns? That was so disappointing. This poster is colourful and vibrant, even with all the shadow. There’s even blue sky! It’s a sunnier palette and also it’s literally sunnier. It’s a welcome change from all of the darkness we’ve seen from DC’s current movie line thus far.

So yeah, I like this a lot and might have to try to get one for myself. It feels like Wonder Woman in so many ways, and marks a shift towards brightness that is very necessary to make the character work. It’s a cool poster all around, and the tagline especially makes me feel a little more optimistic about the film moving forward.

First Image of the Amazons in the Wonder Woman Movie Debuts

March 24, 2016

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hitting theaters tomorrow, Warner Bros. is already ramping up the excitement for their next major superhero feature, Patty Jenkins’ upcoming Wonder Woman film. We’ve seen only small teases of the film, due out in theaters in June 2017, and most of them have been set in England during World War One rather than on Diana’s mythological home. But that ends today! Entertainment Weekly has premiered a picture of four Amazons, including some familiar characters:


From left to right, we’ve got Lisa Loven Kongsli as Menalippe, Gal Gadot as Diana, Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta, and Robin Wright as Antiope. Diana was raised by the three women who surround her, a triumvirate of mothers with different focuses ranging from the military to ruling.

My first reaction to the image is a bit of a shrug, to be honest. Which isn’t a good sign, seeing as that’s how I’ve met every Wonder Woman-related reveal thus far, dating back to her first Batman v Superman image; they’re just not releasing exciting pictures for some reason. But at the same time, despite the ho-hum first pic, Wonder Woman looks AMAZING in the Batman v Superman trailer and is poised to be the film’s breakout star, so first impressions aren’t necessarily all that important.

I’m more excited in theory than in practice. It’s so cool that a Wonder Woman film is on the way and that we’re going to get Amazons on the big screen, and they all look suitably bad ass. However, while the photo is slightly brighter than Batman v Superman‘s dark, muted palette, it’s still pretty flat. There’s not a lot of colour here. Not that it needs to be bright and garish or anything, but all of these costumes are crying out for a pop of something to liven them up and give each outfit a little character rather than this sort of blah brownness.

Along the same lines, this armor isn’t particularly unique or special or “Amazonian” to me. It’s fine and all, but it’s all stuff I’ve seen before, a sort of mash up of Vikings and Thor and maybe a bit of the Immortals. It lacks any sort of origin in fun versions from the comics, but in going in a new direction it’s actually not all that different or cool. These are women who have been separated from the outside world for thousands of years; they should have a rad, awesome look that is totally their own.

Also, these are some dour looking gals. I get that they’re going for tough, warrior women, but Amazons who aren’t smiling just aren’t Amazons to me. Being an Amazon should be a blast: You’re awesome at everything, you’ve got no bros cramping your style, and your society is advanced and pretty much utopian. I’d like to see a little more joy in the photo, or a little more fun. Just something other than this stare down.

This photo is really white, too, which is a bad call for a few reasons. First, where is Phillipus? She’s been a key part of the Wonder Woman mythos for decades now as Hippolyta’s general (and lady friend), and is a fan favourite. Her military role seems to have been taken over by Antiope here, though hopefully Phillipus is just off to the side and we’ll see her in the actual film. But for the four main Amazons that Warner Bros. decided to debut, it’s all white women, despite the fact that the Amazons have been portrayed as a multi-ethnic group in the comics for some time. Moreover, if you want to get all “historical” about it, the Amazons shouldn’t be white at all, nor have any Greek trappings; in the ancient stories, the Amazons are defined by their lack of Greekness and are usually depicted as originating in Northern Africa or the Middle East. So yeah, all white ladies is dumb on multiple fronts.

Patty Jenkins also makes a comment in the Entertainment Weekly article about the Amazons having heels which is too silly to bother to discuss. Just, no.

So I’m generally underwhelmed by this first look at the Amazons, though I’m still very excited that this picture exists and that a Wonder Woman movie is happening. I still have a lot of faith in Patty Jenkins as well, regardless of the high heels goofiness. That’s the only thing she’s said about the film thus far that struck me as odd; she’s been encouragingly on point in everything else I’ve seen. The picture also checks some important boxes, in that these are great actresses who totally look like warrior women. That’s what we’re looking for. It’s just that, like with everything in the DC cinematic universe thus far, I’d like to see a little bit more joy and colour in the mix.

Is Lucy Davis Playing Etta Candy in the Wonder Woman Movie?

February 22, 2016

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman movie is still filming in England, and some new set photos have a lot of folks speculating on Lucy Davis’ role. The scene they’re shooting appears to be a celebration of Armistice Day, the official end of World War One, and shows Gal Gadot in civilian garb with Lucy Davis in tow, sporting a look that is very reminiscent of Etta Candy. Here are the gals together:


And a closer look at Davis:


Davis’ hair is usually long and blonde, so these shorter auburn locks are a big change that’s in keeping with Golden Age Etta Candy, as is her size. Here’s a look at a classic Etta panel, where’s she’s enjoying a picnic with the Holliday Girls:


So Davis definitely looks the part. We’ve got no confirmation from the studio on who Davis and most of the supporting cast are playing; they’re being pretty tight lipped about which characters will be in Wonder Woman. But that looks a lot like Etta.

Or rather, a specific incarnation of Etta. On the Wonder Woman TV show, Etta was a middle aged secretary who worked for the military alongside Diana Prince. This depiction continued in the Modern Age, though Etta was often more of an active military officer. In the New 52 universe, Etta is now svelte and African American. We’ve had a variety of Ettas over the years, plus Lucy Davis doesn’t quite match the Golden Age Etta she resembles. In the 1940s, Etta was a young American college student, while Davis is a British woman in her 40s. Perhaps the film is making up their own Etta, just as they’re making up a new origin for Wonder Woman by putting her in the 1910s.

If that’s the case, this movie is getting a little weird. Rather than going with any existing origin for Wonder Woman and her supporting cast, the filmmakers seem to be creating an entirely new take on the Wonder Woman mythos. A 5,000 year old Wonder Woman who debuts in World War One with her British pal Etta Candy is not a Wonder Woman that has ever existed before. I realize that most people probably aren’t familiar with the details of Wonder Woman’s origin, but making up a new one seems like an odd plan.

All of the successful recent superhero films have stuck to the characters’ classic origins, by and large. They get updated and tweaked, but they follow the broad strokes of the comics. Again, official details for Wonder Woman are sparse, but it looks like that’s not the case here, and it’s somewhat worrying. I’m concerned that we’ll end up with a Wonder Woman movie that doesn’t actually feel like Wonder Woman.

However, we still know next to nothing about the film apart from a few sparse details and a whole pile of rumours and speculation, so we’ll have to wait and see what’s actually going on. No matter how it works out, we’re getting a Wonder Woman movie and Etta Candy might be in it, and that’s pretty rad. As always, let’s just keep our fingers crossed that they don’t screw it up.

“Sexuality is Part of her Power”: The 5,000 Year Old Movie Wonder Woman

January 27, 2016


This month’s Empire magazine has a look inside Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and some new details about the film are starting to make the internet rounds. One new Wonder Woman fact is particularly odd: Apparently in the DC Cinematic Universe, Wonder Woman is 5,000 years old. This makes very little sense to me, since it doesn’t fit into any Wonder Woman origin we’ve ever seen before.

In Wonder Woman’s first origin, Diana was born after the Amazons left the world of men, which is quite a large window. The Amazons left after the betrayal of Hercules, and if we do the math on when Hercules would have been “alive”, it would have been around 1300 BC (I got this number by using the traditional dating for the Trojan War, ca. 1200 BC, and going back a bit because mythologically speaking, Hercules was active a couple of generations before the war). So if Diana was born soon after the Amazons left, at most she would be a little over 3,000 years old, but she could also have been born at any point in time within that 3,000 year span.

In the Silver Age, the origin changed and Diana was alive before the Amazons left BUT Hercules was still a part of it, and in his divine form so it would have been after his mortal life, thus the timing would have been about the same. There’d just be no window, because Diana was already alive; she’d be 3,000 years old.

The Perez relaunch in 1987 used a variation on the Golden Age, Hercules origin, so we’ve got the same window there. The New 52 relaunch has been vague about the Amazons’ origins for the most part, but Wonder Woman Annual #1 revealed that the Amazons left the world of men after an unpleasant meeting with King Kleomenes of Sparta, who reigned around 500 BC. Diana was born sometime after that, when Hippolyta hooked up with Zeus, so we’ve got a 2,500 year window there.

And usually, Diana is portrayed as young. When there’s a window, the timing is always vague but it often seems that she was born near the tail end of that window. So when she becomes Wonder Woman, she’s actually the young woman she resembles and not a perpetually youthful woman who’s centuries old.

So 5,000 years old is new. And REALLY old. Like, around the dawn of civilization old. The city states of Mesopotamia go back more than 5,000 years, but a unified Egyptian kingdom and the very beginnings of civilization in Greece date to around 3000 BC, when Diana would have been born. That’s an interesting connection, in that it lets Diana and the Amazons see the rise of human civilization from the beginning, become unimpressed with it, and separate themselves from the rest of the world; Empire quotes Gal Gadot saying, “Because she’s seen it all, she has seen what humans can do, so it was very hard for her to come back and fight.” So it sounds like we’ve got a Wonder Woman who was active in the early centuries of human civilization, left it, and is now coming back.

Between this and the World War I setting for Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, I’m concerned that Wonder Woman isn’t going to feel modern or relevant for fans, especially young girls. The kids aren’t much into the suffrage movement these days, much less ancient history. I’ll admit I’m intrigued by the idea a 5,000 year old Wonder Woman who’s seen it all; that’s a comic I’d definitely read. But I’m not yet sold on this as THE cinematic Wonder Woman. I just don’t know if young fans will be into it.

However, Gal Gadot doesn’t look like she’s 5,000 years old, which brings us to the other interesting part of the Empire article. Executive producer Deborah Snyder said of Wonder Woman:

Her sexuality is part of her power, but she is also a feminist icon. Gender has been a hot topic, so it is very timely to bring her back. The way we have approached it, especially in the stand alone movie, that is definitely there. Looking back and doing an origin story – and it is a period piece – see the role of women through history. There is a great source of humour in that now. It is so unbelievable you can’t even fathom it. You are still making a statement, but having some fun with it.

First, let’s start with that sexuality bit. No one ever talks about Batman or Superman’s sexuality, yet here it is front and center with Wonder Woman. And yeah, if you go back to the Golden Age there’s definitely some sexual stuff with Marston and his complicated bondage fetishism/feminist metaphor scene. For about six years, sexuality played a key role for Wonder Woman. In the seventy years since then? Not so much. It’s just not part of who the character is anymore, nor has it been for decades. The only caveat there is when artists objectify her with hyper-sexualized art, and that’s hardly something worth imbuing the character with.

Also, opening with her sexuality before mentioning that she’s a feminist icon? Not so cool. It feels like Snyder is saying, “Don’t worry, she’s still sexy!” Furthermore, her discussion of feminism here is poor. I know it’s just one paragraph, but “gender has been a hot topic” is hardly insightful, and the idea that “there is a great source of humour” in the World War I era is troubling. Yes, today it seems ridiculous that women had to fight for the right to vote. But positioning Wonder Woman in that era to have her counter an antiquated, straw man form of patriarchy is hardly relevant or impactful. Why isn’t she in the present day, tackling the inequality that women still face today? If they have Wonder Woman being all “rah rah suffrage movement” in the 1910s and then saying little to nothing about the state of women’s rights in modern society, they’ll have missed the point of the character entirely.

So, not a lot of great takeaways from that article. We did get that cool picture of Wonder Woman at the top, so that’s something. Also, this may well just be a thousand word over reaction to internet reports about one article, so take all of this with a grain of salt. I just don’t want them to screw up Wonder Woman like they screwed up Superman in Man of Steel, so when people involved say dumb things I get concerned. We’ll find out more when Batman v Superman comes out in March, and then it’s the long wait for Wonder Woman in June 2017.

Wonder Woman Footage From Last Night’s “Dawn of the Justice League” Special

January 20, 2016


The CW aired a look at DC’s upcoming movie slate last night, hosted by Kevin Smith because for some reason Warner Bros. thinks that Kevin Smith is someone that people want to listen to? I don’t know what was up with that. We got more footage from each of this year’s new releases; Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice still looks pretty dumb and Suicide Squad still looks intriguing. I’d be far more interested in the latter than the former, if Wonder Woman wasn’t in the former, looking so dang cool.

Speaking of which, they showed a few seconds of Wonder Woman footage from the upcoming film currently shooting in England! And it looked pretty good, too. Here’s the full clip of their Wonder Woman segment:

And here are most of the key moments in GIF mode:










There weren’t a ton of details in the footage, but it all looked cool. I thought that the foggy, wooded scenes were maybe Themyscira, but I’m pretty sure it’s just England, given the dudes in the mix on the horses. Plus, they JUST cast Hippolyta, so I doubt they’ve even shot any Themyscira scenes yet. There’s a fight scene with some soldiers that was very fun, and Diana is classy and fun in her old school garb and glasses. Gal Gadot really does look great as Wonder Woman all around. All of the snippets of footage we’ve seen of her in Batman v Superman and Wonder Woman have been fantastic.

We got some insight into how they’re approaching the character as well. Her film is going to be an origin story, though we didn’t get information about which one; rumours are it will be her New 52 origin, but everyone was vague. Gal Gadot said of the film, “We’re gonna see her coming of age, the entire history, what’s her mission,” so it should establish her roots pretty solidly, whatever they may be in this incarnation.

On the Amazons, Geoff Johns explained that:

The Amazons were once created to protect man’s world but they since abandoned it, and Diana is asking constantly, “Why don’t we go do what we were created to do and protect man?” and they say, “Because they’re not worth it.” And this takes her on a journey into our world.

Which I have mixed feelings about. The “created to protect man’s world” thing isn’t something we haven’t seen a lot. It was sort of an angle in the George Perez era in the 80s, but there was more too them then that. And “they’re not worth it” feels overly simplistic; the Amazons always leave the world of men under unpleasant, complicated circumstances. I may be reading too much into a brief and obviously heavily edited snippet, but I don’t think that Johns captured the essence of the Amazons well there.

Johns also doubles down on the martial angle we’ve been seeing with her constant sword wielding:

She’s an Amazon warrior, she’s the best fighter in the DC universe. She has strength and speed and she’s been training her whole life for war.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love an ass kicking Wonder Woman, but there’s so much more to the character than that. Luckily, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins gets it:

The greatest thing about Wonder Woman is how good and kind and loving she is, yet none of that negates any of her power.

High five to Patty Jenkins for GETTING IT. This was the most encouraging bit of the segment for me. I love that the film has someone at the helm who understands that Wonder Woman is more than just a warrior, and that love and kindness are her primary motivations. I feel like that bodes well for the movie.

Also, Chris Pine remains a delight. I didn’t love his casting originally, but he is SO on board with making Wonder Woman the awesome hero he should be. In all of his press lately he seems excited and proud to get to be a part of the film, and in the special he said, “Telling a story like this now is pivotal and important, this story of a very powerful woman.”

Finally, while the segment was pretty vague on plot details for Wonder Woman, I think I caught something that might have showed who the villain is. In a segment where Kevin Smith and Geoff Johns talked about DC villains, they showed artwork of the bad guys, all of them connected to either Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad, but there was also this brief image:


That’s Ares, the God of War, as drawn by George Perez. And Wonder Woman, of course. Since everyone else they showed is connected to a movie in some way, presumably Ares is going to play a part in Wonder Woman. Which makes sense, given the World War One setting; it’s an environment ideal for a God of War.

Overall, everything I saw has me cautiously optimistic about Wonder Woman! I still think that the World War One setting is weird, and I don’t love making her the old, wise one instead of someone more modern and identifiable for audiences, specifically young girls, but nonetheless it’s a new angle for the character that could prove interesting. Gal Gadot looks the part, the brief action was cool, and Patty Jenkins seems like a great choice to direct the project. I’m still shocked and delighted that this is actually happening, and all of the clips from the special have me excited for what’s to come.

See a Sneak Peek of the Wonder Woman Movie Tonight on The CW’s Dawn of the Justice League Special

January 19, 2016


Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman film is currently shooting in England, and we’ve been getting lots of fun, World War One era set photos with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, including these recent images of Gadot holding Wonder Woman’s sword and shield. All of the pieces are starting to come together, including more casting; Connie Nielsen recently joined the film as Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta. The movie is happening for real! After decades of development, I’m still surprised that it’s finally being made.

And we’re going to get a sneak peek of the movie tonight! The CW is airing a special called DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League after The Flash, and while the main focus will be the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, the show is also promising a look at Wonder Woman. I doubt it will be much, since the film is still fairly early in the shooting process, but it will be something. I’m anticipating we’ll get a look at some of the World War One era bits we’ve been seeing pictures of, but what I’d really love to see is a peek at Paradise Island or something similarly mythological and cool. Whatever we get, it will be very fun to see something so early.

The special is set to air at 9:30 Eastern, 8:30 Central (or 10:30, if you’re in Atlantic Canada like me!), which poses one big difficulty: the season premiere of Agent Carter is on at the same time! It’s quite a conundrum, but that’s what DVRs are for. Between Agent Carter, The Flash, and a look at Wonder Woman, it’s going to be an awesome evening all around.

If we get a look at anything worth commenting on, I’ll post a recap of the special tomorrow and screen caps if I can get them. Maybe they’ll announce who everyone is playing? Maybe they’ll reveal the film’s villain? Maybe it’ll be four seconds of grainy footage? We’ll find out tonight!

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