Wonder Woman #63 Review: This Land Is Minotaur’s Land

NOTE: The terrible pun in this title only works if you pronounce it mine-o-tar. Which is the more fun way to pronounce it anyway! After several issues of serious goings on in Durovnia, with Diana facing off against the god of war himself in the midst of a complicated international conflict, this week’s Wonder WomanContinue reading “Wonder Woman #63 Review: This Land Is Minotaur’s Land”

Wonder Woman #57 Review: Exorcising The Witching Hour

I know I usually go with the main cover to start my review, but this Jenny Frison variant cover was too amazing to ignore. Look at that! It’s so creepy and menacing and gorgeous. While Frison has done consistently fantastic work with her Wonder Woman variants, this is one especially excellent. And perfectly spooky! ButContinue reading “Wonder Woman #57 Review: Exorcising The Witching Hour”

Wonder Woman #56 Review: The Witching Hour Continues!

In Wonder Woman #56, we get Emanuela Lupacchino drawing Wonder Woman, Zatanna, AND Circe, and if that’s not worth four bucks then I don’t know what is. Luppachino’s drawn a bunch of issues of Wonder Woman over the past year, bringing some visual flair to several subpar stories, but this time she’s paired with writingContinue reading “Wonder Woman #56 Review: The Witching Hour Continues!”

Wonder Woman #45 Review: “Amazons Attacked” Stumbles to a Poor Conclusion

Let’s start with some happy news: This run is going to end. We’ve always known this in the abstract, of course. Creative teams at the Big Two never last forever. But now we’ve got a date. On July 11, 2018, Wonder Woman #50 will come out and mark the end of James Robinson’s tenure writingContinue reading “Wonder Woman #45 Review: “Amazons Attacked” Stumbles to a Poor Conclusion”

Wonder Woman #44 Review: The Fight Rages On! And Remains Terrible/Nigh Unreadable!

I had a really nice weekend, gang. I went to Chicago for C2E2, had a great time at the show, tried a poke bowl for the first time (it was DELICIOUS). It was excellent all around, and the fun started with a panel discussion about Catwoman at The Book Cellar with some super smart comicContinue reading “Wonder Woman #44 Review: The Fight Rages On! And Remains Terrible/Nigh Unreadable!”

Wonder Woman #40 Review: Still With This Foolishness?

There’s a line in today’s issue of Wonder Woman that perfectly captures the quality of writing we’ve been dealing with for the past several months. The woefully underdeveloped villain Silver Swan is flying through the night sky, stinging from her recent battle with Wonder Woman, and as she sees the moon shining she notes, “TheContinue reading “Wonder Woman #40 Review: Still With This Foolishness?”

Wonder Woman #39 Review: Let’s Talk About The One Good Thing This Book Has Going For It

It’s tough to come up with new and creative ways to say a comic book is terribly written every two weeks, and James Robinson is doing me no favours by continually churning out one of the worst Wonder Woman runs in recent memory. And that’s saying something. Remember the Finches? This might be even worseContinue reading “Wonder Woman #39 Review: Let’s Talk About The One Good Thing This Book Has Going For It”