Wonder Woman’s February 2017 Covers and Solicits

This February looks to be another busy month for Wonder Woman and her wider world, both in terms of single issues and some fun new collections. It continues to be an excellent time to be a Wonder Woman fan; the movie on the horizon really seems to be ramping up comic production at DC. SoContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s February 2017 Covers and Solicits”

New Li’l Jinx Stories in Life with Archie

If you, like me, had a stack of Archie digests nearly as tall as yourself when you were a kid, you are doubtlessly familiar with Li’l Jinx.  She was the little blonde girl who had a story or strip in pretty much every digest book, alongside other non-main Archie characters like “Josie and the Pussycats”Continue reading “New Li’l Jinx Stories in Life with Archie”