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The Many Lives of Catwoman Moments, Week Five: Songs, Bells, and Sworn Enemies

June 5, 2017


With my new book The Many Lives of Catwoman: The Felonious History of a Feline Fatale officially out on July 1 and already hitting some stores and online retailers now, I’ve been posting fun and important moments from Catwoman’s history on Tumblr. The pictures are randomly assorted, comic book panels and film stills from her many appearances across various media over the decades. Some are serious, some are silly, and some are a bit of both, and they offer a look inside all of the fun incarnations of Catwoman that the book covers.

Last week, the moments we looked at included:

And finally, for my favourite moment of the week we turn to the 1940s again. In Detective Comics #122 from April 1947, written by Bill Finger with art by Bob Kane (supposedly) and Charles Paris, Batman got injured during an encounter with Catwoman. She later captured Robin, and her first question was about Batman’s health and whether he’d been badly hurt. Robin thought that Catwoman was harbouring a crush for the Caped Crusader, though she adamantly denied it and declared, “Of course not! We’re sworn enemies!” But her earlier concerns clearly showcased her true feelings. As much as Catwoman was an unrepentant villain who was wholly dedicated to clever, elaborate heists, she had a soft spot for Batman. She wanted to best him at every turn, she just didn’t want him to get hurt in the process.

You can check out all of the Catwoman moments here and follow along for more Catwoman fun! This week, since we’re so close to the book’s official release, we’re moving to two Catwoman moments a day! And you can order the book now too,And you can order the book now too, and dive into her fascinating history in depth!


Could TNT’s Titans TV Series Starring Nightwing Mean A Live Action Donna Troy?

September 12, 2014


Yesterday, news broke that TNT is developing a Titans television series that would center around Dick Grayson leaving his role as Batman’s sidekick Robin, becoming Nightwing, and forming his own superhero team. Other heroes mentioned in articles about the show’s development include Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg, but the obvious question for Wonder Woman enthusiasts is will Donna Troy, aka. Wonder Girl, be a part of the show?

Wonder Girl was a part of the Teen Titans from the very beginning, fighting alongside Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad in their own series in the 1960s. When the team was relaunched as the New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman and George Perez in 1980, Wonder Girl remained part of the team, alongside new additions like Beast Boy and the aforementioned Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg. New Teen Titans chronicled Dick Grayson’s evolution from Robin to Nightwing, the same era the show is built upon, and Donna Troy was a key character in the series throughout its entire run. Her history got rather convoluted over the years but, as the Teen Titans grew into adulthood, Donna Troy always stuck with her gang, from a rebranding as the Titans in the late 1990s to following Dick Grayson to the Justice League as the last incarnation of the team before the New 52 began in 2011.

Since the launch of the New 52, Donna Troy has been benched. DC has teased her return via a quick look a whiteboard planning future storylines; “Donna” is linked to “SM/WW”, or Superman/Wonder Woman. Nothing has come of it yet, but the same whiteboard mentioned the return of Stephanie Brown and Wally West, both of which have since been brought back. It also sounds like she’s going to be a part of one of Grant Morrison’s Multiversity issues, albeit it in a different universe.

Having Donna Troy in a Titans TV series just makes sense given her long history with the team. Plus, it might spur DC to bring her back into their primary universe after a now three-year long absence. Donna is a favourite of both Wonder Woman and Teen Titans fans, and her appearance in any medium would be a definite cause for celebration.

Also, if the show got picked up soon and Donna was a part of it, that would mean that we’ll get a new live action Wonder Girl (Debra Winger played a non-Donna Troy Wonder Girl in the 1970s Wonder Woman TV show) before we get a new live action Wonder Woman. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t out until March 2016, so Donna might beat Diana to the punch. Given Wonder Woman’s long and frustrating journey to a modern live action adaptation, her sister getting there first seems almost appropriate

The Titans pilot is being written by Akiva Goldsman, whose star power might help the project’s chances of getting picked up. Goldsman wrote A Beautiful Mind and several other Ron Howard projects, but he also wrote Batman Forever and Batman and Robin so don’t get your hopes too high. On the other hand, he worked on Fringe, too, and that was a fantastic AND fantastical show, which could bode well for Titans. Everything is currently up in the air, including Donna Troy’s hypothetical involvement in the project. She wasn’t mentioned as part of the show in any of the articles announcing the series, and Wonder Woman-related characters haven’t appeared in any DC properties like Smallville or Arrow, so this all may be wishful thinking. But come on! Donna Troy just makes sense. Make it happen, TNT. We’re all jonesing for some live action Amazon fun.

There Was A Wonder Woman In Last Night’s Batman-Centric New Girl

October 23, 2013


Last night’s New Girl was all about Batman, from Schmidt’s fake penpal Michael Keaton to Jess dressing up as Batman in a drunken attempt to convince Schmidt that it actually was Keaton who wrote all those letters and not just his mom.  It was hilarious all around, but amid all the Bat-fun there was a Wonder Woman appearance.  In the background of Jess’ party, an extra was wearing a Wonder Woman dress with red tights.  She’s the one talking to the lifeguard, behind Jess’ Joey Ramona Quimby:


It’s a cute outfit.  I like how it’s just a dress, really.  I don’t think she’s even wearing a tiara, or even bracelets, bullet-deflecting or otherwise.  She played absolutely no part in the story, but it’s always fun to have Wonder Woman show up in random places.  Especially when that random place is one of your favourite TV shows.

The episode also featured some excellent points by Winston about why someone might want to be Robin instead of Batman.  Batman is way cooler, obviously, but I can see where Winston is coming from here:

Jess: You wanna be Robin?

Winston: He doesn’t have all the responsibilities of Batman, but he can take some of the glory.

Jess: Robin’s a joke.

Nick: Robin’s the joke.

Jess: I think we can all agree.

Winston: The kids look up to him, you know, in the community.

It’s a fair perspective.

So an enjoyable episode of New Girl was made even better by a random Wonder Woman sighting, and while there was no invisible plane, there certainly was a lot of discussion about the Batmanmobile.

New Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Trailer Features Wonder Woman!!

May 23, 2012

There’s a new trailer for Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and while she’s not featured heavily in the trailer, Wonder Woman is definitely in there a couple of times:

There’s a lot of Batman, Robin, Superman, and Flash though.  And CBR posted a picture of Wonder Woman with another character who doesn’t get a lot of facetime in the trailer, Green Lantern:

Despite Wonder Woman’s sporadic at best trailer appearance, this game is going to be AWESOME.  And you can play as Wonder Woman anytime you want in free play mode, once you’ve unlocked her of course, so that’s pretty great.  Look for Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes in late June.

Young Justice Review

November 27, 2010

The new Young Justice cartoon premiered last night on the Cartoon Network and, like pretty much every cartoon DC puts out, it was really good.  The show isn’t set in the continuity of past shows like Justice League, Teen Titans, or The Batman.  Instead, it establishes its own universe with new versions of the characters and new voice actors.  Here is an impressively long preview:

The episode begins with Batman, Aquaman, the Flash, and Green Arrow bringing their sidekicks (Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Speedy) to Justice League headquarters for the first time.  The young heroes assume they are going to become full, participating members, but instead they are relegated to the building’s lobby.  An irate Speedy storms off (to do some heroin, I first thought, but then I remembered this was a kid’s show), but the remaining lads decide to take some initiative and investigate a fire at Cadmus Labs.  Things, of course, get crazy, and they end up fighting a mind-controlled Guardian, freeing Superboy (a clone of the Man of Steel), and then taking down Blockbuster.  Having proved themselves, they get their own headquarters, with Red Tornado and Black Canary as guardians and Batman giving them missions.  The boys also got a new female member, Miss Martian, the Martian Manhunter’s niece, and the stage is now set for their further adventures.

Young Justice’s premiere was crazy fun.  There were lots of good fights in Cadmus, with everyone using their particular skills.  Robin has gadgets, Kid Flash has speed, Aqualad has super-strength and cool water powers, and Superboy has a series of intermittent abilities (he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of everything yet).  The varied skills give each character something different to do, making it a solid team show.

All of the characters are well done, mostly rooted in the comics but also containing new elements.  Robin is Dick Grayson, although his costume is basically Tim Drake’s, and he is a fun, wise-cracking computer hacker.  Kid Flash is Wally West, and his costume is a slight variation on the usual Kid Flash outfit, and he is sort of sarcastic and not yet in full control of his speed powers.  Aqualad is Kaldur’ahm, and he resembles the new Aqualad in Brightest Day.  So far he seems to be the strong, silent type.  Superboy, Speedy, and Miss Martian aren’t very fleshed out yet, and I don’t think that Speedy will be on the team initially, but they were all well done and seemed like their comic book versions.

The voice casting is excellent, and suits all of the characters well.  Even Batman is good.  Now, ideally Kevin Conroy would ALWAYS play Batman, even in live action flicks (I think Christian Bale should be dubbed with Kevin Conroy’s voice), but Bruce Greenwood does a great job, which was a pleasant surprise. 

I really enjoyed the premiere, and was bummed when I remembered that the show doesn’t start to air regularly until January.  It was a fantastic beginning to the series, and there is a great deal of potential for it to get even better.  What I liked best was the introduction of The Light, the weird, secretive villain(s) who ran Cadmus.  The show will likely be far more episodic than serialized, but The Light provides a Big Bad for the series that they can reference sporadically throughout the season and build up to an epic confrontation for the finale.

As always, I had my eye out for Wonder Woman, and she appeared near the end of the show with a group of other heroes.  She had no lines, but closely resembled her comic book self.  Here is a somewhat blurry screen grab:

Apparently there were some legal troubles in getting Wonder Girl for the show, but those have been resolved and she may be introduced later in the season.  Artemis is shown in all the promotional images, but exactly who she is (Artemis is an Amazon in current continuity) remains to be seen.  If Wonder Girl does show up later on, I assume it will be Donna Troy, given that Robin is Dick Grayson and Kid Flash is Wally West.  They seem to be going old school.

All in all, Young Justice was a crazy fun show, and I am jazzed for the season to start properly.  Look for it this January on the Cartoon Network (or, if you are in Canada like me, I assume it will be on Teletoon… whatever you do, don’t download it… that would be wrong… SO wrong).

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