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Open Letter From WB “Insider” Calls Wonder Woman Movie “A Mess”, Patty Jenkins Disagrees

August 15, 2016


In a fun bit of internet drama late last week, Pajiba posted an open letter from a pseudonymed, irate Warner Bros. employee addressed to the company’s CEO, Kevin Tsujihara. The letter took Tsujihara to task for a variety of box office bombs and underperforming franchises, failures for which lower level employees have borne the brunt via layoffs. There’s been some debate about the legitimacy of the letter writer and many have called it a fake written by a fan; the letter has tidbits of insider knowledge, though perhaps not enough to prove her credibility wholly. Regardless of its authenticity, the letter is an amusing scorcher, and is particularly interesting for what it has to say about Warner Bros.’s upcoming Wonder Woman film in the wake of Suicide Squad‘s critical drubbing:

What are you even doing? I wish to God you were forced to live out of a car until you made a #1 movie of the year. Maybe Wonder Woman wouldn’t be such a mess. Don’t try to hide behind the great trailer. People inside are already confirming it’s another mess. It is almost impressive how you keep rewarding the same producers and executives for making the same mistakes, over and over.

We don’t get many specifics, but the implication seems to be that Wonder Woman is in a troubling state in the same way that Suicide Squad was, i.e. a film developed in a similarly dark vein as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice scrambling to change its tone after critics eviscerated Batman v Superman and the film failed to deliver the studio’s box office expectations (it made a lot of money, sure, but all sources suggest that Warner Bros. expected it to be a billion dollar movie, which it wasn’t). Suicide Squad had massive reshoots trying to strike a lighter tone, and the resulting film is a bizarre jumble that’s just plummeted at the box office in its second week. This open letter suggests that Wonder Woman might be experiencing similar troubles.

Whether or not this is true, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins took to Twitter to defend the film and call into question the report. Combined into a paragraph with her original spelling and grammar, Jenkins wrote:

Woah, just saw this press about WW having problems. Are they serious? This is some made up bs right here. Made up! Produce a source, anyone. You can’t because it’s entirely false. Don’t believe the hype people. Someone’s trying to spread some serious misinfo. Isn’t until you are intimately involved in these things that you realize how totally false these rumors can. Let me reassure you zero about the movie we are making has been called a mess by anyone in the know. Fact. Real lasso of truth, time, will reveal that letter to be false soon enough. But lame something so transparent in its agenda gets traction.

It’s an unequivocal defense of the movie, which is to be expected from its director, really. Though we’ve seen other directors at Warner Bros. talk about how well their film is going and how everyone is on board only to end up with cinematic messes; see: Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Still, Wonder Woman is ten months away and I doubt there’s even much of a rough cut yet, much less anything near a finished picture. Unless it’s been terrible from the start, it’s unlikely there’s much for folks at Warner Bros. to praise or criticize yet. Plus Geoff Johns co-wrote the film, and he’s the poster boy for DC’s new, more fun direction. Wonder Woman may turn out to be the first film in this new tone, rather than the last of the original dark tone.

As always with rumoury movie news, time will tell. The trailer for Wonder Woman was fantastic, Gal Gadot is a great Wonder Woman, and the rest of the cast seems strong. I’m not worried about it yet, apart from my general worry about any superhero film that involves Zack Snyder in any capacity. The open letter will either be a prescient warning if the movie is bad or something we all forget about if it’s good. I remain cautiously optimistic it will be good. Maybe I’m fooling myself after Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad, but I’m hoping for the best.


Nicole Kidman Reportedly In Talks To Join The Wonder Woman Movie

November 3, 2015


There was big news on the Hollywood front yesterday with the rumour that Nicole Kidman is in talks to join Patty Jenkins’ upcoming Wonder Woman film alongside Gal Gadot. The Wrap broke the story and while details of her role are vague at best, they’re describing her potential part as “a high-ranking Amazonian warrior.” Everyone seems to be making the logical jump that Kidman would play Hippolyta, Wonder Woman’s mother and the queen of the Amazons. I mean, you don’t bring in superstar actress Nicole Kidman to play Amazon #3 or some such; if she’s gonna be in the movie, she’s going to have a significant role. Of course, we know next to nothing about this movie, so maybe Kidman will be playing someone completely new yet important. But Hippolyta seems to be the best guess.

My reaction is mixed. I’m not a huge Kidman fan, and I much prefer her as a villain than a good guy. I remember back when they were making the first Narnia movie and there were rumours that Kidman was going to play the White Witch and I thought that was perfect, brilliant casting (it didn’t work out, of course). She’s just got that quality, not in a bad way, that captures a sort of cold regality so well. I’m concerned she would bring that to Hippolyta, simply because I like warm, friendly Amazons, not fancy, regal ones. And Kidman doesn’t exactly strike me as a warrior queen.

The casting of a blonde Hippolyta would make a certain amount of sense. While originally a brunette in the Golden Age, Hippolyta was blonde from the Silver Age until the George Perez relaunch in 1987, and is blonde again, though dead, in the current DC Comics universe. There have been rumours that the Wonder Woman film is drawing a lot from her current incarnation, specifically the Azzarello/Chiang run, so a blonde Hippolyta would match that. If she’s even playing Hippolyta, and if she even agrees to join the film. So many things remain up in the air!

The only other officially on board cast at this point is Chris Pine, who has confirmed he’s in the movie. I’m not sure it’s been confirmed that he’s playing Steve Trevor, but that’s the most obvious assumption. There were also rumours a while back that Sean Bean was being considered for Ares and Eva Green was up for Circe, but there’s been no confirmation of any kind there either. I love both of those castings wholeheartedly, should they turn out to be true. Sean Bean is Boromir AND Ned Stark, so I will love him forever, and Eva Green is lovely yet witchy and evil when she needs to be and I think she’d make a great Circe.

So what new things do we now know officially? Nothing at all. But Nicole Kidman MIGHT be in Wonder Woman, which is interesting. Landing a big name would be a good get for the film. Personally, I’m hoping she’s playing Dr. Chase Meridian again and Wonder Woman is actually a tie-in to the Batman Forever universe and not the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice universe. That would be a lot more fun. Anyway, maybe Warner Bros. will finally tell us something official about this movie someday. If not, we’ll find out who’s playing who and what the story is when Wonder Woman hits the big screen on June 23, 2017.

Wonder Woman Movie News: Multiple Outfits? Steve Trevor Cast?

April 13, 2015


Some new rumours about the Wonder Woman movie have been making the rounds lately, the veracity of which remains sketchy as always. We’ve got next to zero details from the studio itself, which seems to be helping rumours abound. Still, it’s fun to speculate.

The first big rumour is that Wonder Woman is going to have six different costumes in the movie. Self-described “fanboy journalist” Umberto Gonzalez broke the scoop last week, claiming that on top of the costume we’ve already seen, Wonder Woman will have an outfit more in line with the “classic standard costume”, and that another one of her outfits would be a dive suit.

I can buy the idea of multiple outfits. Of all of the superheroes, I think it makes sense for Wonder Woman to have different costumes for different circumstances. That being said, a dive suit? Really? I know that Lynda Carter rocked one back in the day:


And it was silly and campy, which fit the show. But the current DC movie universe is all dark and such. I can’t see how a themed dive suit would fit the world and not be ridiculous.

It also runs counter to other rumours we’ve heard, specifically that the first film is set in the 1920s. Dive suits in the 1920s were still those big, bulky suits with the metal helmets that had a little window in the front. Maybe Wonder Woman has a fancy advanced Amazonian dive suit? Of maybe one of the rumours is false. Perhaps both! Nobody knows.

The second rumour surrounds Wonder Woman’s on again, off again beau, Steve Trevor. Scott Eastwood has been cast in the upcoming Suicide Squad film; that much is fact. The rumour part is that everyone seems to think that he’s playing Steve Trevor. He’d be a logical addition to the movie if they’re trying to capture something like the New 52 A.R.G.U.S. and plant the seeds for other franchises, ie. Wonder Woman.

The question then becomes, will he be in Wonder Woman? Actually, the first question should be “Is he actually playing Steve Trevor?” and then we go from there. He looks right for the part, being a bland, generic handsome white dude. That’s Steve Trevor exactly. The tricky thing about him appearing in the first Wonder Woman film is, again, if it’s set in the past, not even as far back as the 1920s, it wouldn’t make any sense for him to be in it. Say they go with the classic World War Two origin. Steve Trevor would be about negative forty years old in that movie. So again, we’ve got some rumour conflict.

In summation, what definitive facts have we learned today? Very few. Scott Eastwood is going to be in Suicide Squad, and that’s about it. The rest, the outfits and anything Wonder Woman specific, is all rumour and speculation at this point. Also, people keep saying that Wonder Woman is going to start shooting in the fall when discussing these other rumours, but we’re still lacking official confirmation of that and folks may just be parroting a past rumour. So hooray, we learned nothing! It’d be really swell to get an official update from Warner Bros. at some point about Wonder Woman and where it’s going. It’s just a massive swirl of a thousand rumours and like two solid facts right now.

Wonder Woman Movie To Start Shooting In The Fall?

February 24, 2015


Pretty much every entertainment news site is reporting that Wonder Woman, helmed by Michelle MacLaren and starring Gal Gadot, will begin filming in the fall. All of these sites trace back to Deadline, who had the exclusive announcement that Gadot is co-starring in Keeping Up With The Joneses, directed by Greg Mottola and starring Zach Galifianakis, Isla Fisher, and Jon Hamm. That’s actually a great lineup; I may have to check this movie out. But buried at the end of this announcement was this:

Gadot will next be seen in Lionsgate’s Criminal in August and in September the movie Triple Nine. She plays Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and then films Wonder Woman in the fall.

This confused a lot of folks because it’s been reported elsewhere that Wonder Woman has yet to be receive an official greenlight from Warner Bros. The details here are sparse, so it’s tough to know what’s going on for sure, particularly since Warner Bros. or Gadot hasn’t commented on this news yet. It might be a scoop, but it might just be a sort of placeholder statement because she’s planning to film Wonder Woman at some point in the future.

As a sidenote, everyone seems to be assuming it’s the fall of this year, but the wording of the statement could suggest a different timeline. Dawn of Justice comes out in 2016, so if she stars in that and “then films Wonder Woman in the fall”, that might make it the fall of 2016.

Also, a lot of entertainment sites are parroting the rumour that there will be a Wonder Woman trilogy, with the first one set in the 1920s, the second during World War Two, and the third in the present day. The Deadline article doesn’t mention this at all, and this still has yet to be confirmed by Warner Bros. Furthermore, the rumour predates the hiring of Michelle MacLaren as a director and Jason Fuchs as the film’s writer. Plus, it’s a god awful idea and they really shouldn’t do it. Anyway, this remains just a rumour at this point.

So we’ve got some news, but it might be overblown news. In general, it’s always a good idea to just wait for official word on things from the studio, and this is doubly true for Wonder Woman. There have been several projects in development for ages that have sparked tons of rumours and breaking news and nothing concrete ever came of any of them. I’ll believe that Warner Bros. is actually making a Wonder Woman movie when they say they’re actually making a Wonder Woman movie and it’s not just in development. If being a Wonder Woman fan has taught me anything, it’s to take news from Hollywood with a massive grain of salt.

Bleeding Cool Wonder Woman Rumours, Part Two: Meredith Finch Is Writing The Book OR Who Is That?

February 28, 2014

On Tuesday, Bleeding Cool reported that David Finch would be drawing Wonder Woman after Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang leave later this year.  I was not pleased, and still have my fingers crossed that this rumour doesn’t pan out.  Now, Bleeding Cool is reporting that the book will be written by David Finch’s wife, Meredith Finch.  I’m not overly enthused about this either.

Meredith Finch has one writing credit, a story about the Cowardly Lion in Zenescope’s recent Tales From Oz #2.  This is a cover for the book, by the way:


Zenescope’s “Grimm Fairy Tales” line takes fairy tales and makes them all sexy and dark.  Characters who are young girls in the classic tales are aged up, so as the stories can include bare midriffs, cleavage, and barely covered rear ends.  It’s all pretty gross.  You don’t want to see Dorothy in this Tales From Oz series, I promise you.  Stick to Marvel’s Wizard of Oz adaptations.

To be fair to Meredith Finch, I tracked down her issue and her story wasn’t overly exploitive, relative to Zenescope’s usual fare.  It was about a lion tribe mostly, and the sexy witch wasn’t in it a lot.  Nonetheless, a writer whose only previous work is at a sexual exploitation-heavy publisher like Zenescope, where apparently she’s got some more stories lined up, doesn’t seem like the best fit for Wonder Woman.

On top of that incongruity, Finch’s story wasn’t particularly good.  It wasn’t awful, but I would call it subpar.  It was confusing to read, repetitive, and very surface level.  Characters spoke in declarative statements that exactly described their state of mind in a constant flow of exposition that was all tell and little show.  The story lacked any nuance or subtlety, though a lack of nuance and subtlety is Zenescope’s modus operandi, so I suppose that Finch hit the nail on the head in terms of house style.

In short, it wasn’t a well-written story.  Nor should it be; it was her FIRST comic book.  It is literally the first piece of graphic storytelling she’s ever had published.  It’s silly to expect a homerun out of the gate, but it’s just as silly to give a new writer a major series like Wonder Woman and hope for a homerun.  There was nothing in Tales From Oz #2 that suggested that Finch is a new, visionary writer with the right stuff for a legendary character.  It was, at best, an average first attempt at comic book writing.

Whatever your feelings on the current run of Wonder Woman, it is being produced by established industry professionals and is the closest thing to an auteur book that DC is currently publishing.  Azzarello and Chiang have a clear, unique vision for the book, and both creators are considered among the best in their field.  Azzarello in particular has won or been nominated for pretty much every comic book award as a writer.  The guy wrote 100 Bullets.  He’s a legend.

Wonder Woman deserves creators of a similar pedigree after Azzarello and Chiang leave, and Meredith Finch just isn’t there yet.  I know that there’s an argument to be made for fresh voices and new perspectives from people who aren’t mired in the superhero industry grind.  I understand that.  But I think that there’s a bigger argument to be made for craft and experience.  Finch might turn out to be a fantastic writer down the road, and I sincerely hope she keeps at it; as regular readers will know, I am all about having more female creators in mainstream superhero comics.  But she’s not ready for Wonder Woman yet.  NOBODY who has only had one comic book published is ready for a high-profile superhero gig like that.

So yet again I am fervently hoping that Bleeding Cool is wrong.  The odds aren’t in my favour: Bleeding Cool had the scoop on next September’s New 52 event way back in October.  They’re good at rumours.  But this rumoured creative team seem likes a terrible fit to me, one for their inexperience and one for their mismatched, T&A heavy art.  It’s no way to follow two master craftsmen like Azzarello and Chiang.

If this is the direction that DC goes, the message they’re sending is that all they care about is putting a high-profile name like David Finch on a book to boost sales and good storytelling be damned.  Wonder Woman is a character that means something to a lot of people, and after the J. Michael Straczysnki fiasco, raping and murdering Amazons, and the ridiculous Superman romance, this creative team would prove definitively that DC just doesn’t care about Wonder Woman as a character at all.  Be better than that, DC.

Bleeding Cool Reports That David Finch Will Take Over DC’s Wonder Woman Comic OR Please, No, Don’t Do It

February 25, 2014

First off, don’t be confused by the headline like I was when I first saw this reported on Bleeding Cool.  David Fincher, all-star director, is unfortunately not taking over a Wonder Woman project of some sort, though that would be awesome.  Instead, David Finch, a T&A heavy artist, is supposedly taking over the Wonder Woman comic book after Azzarello and Chiang wrap up their run this summer.

If this report turns out to be true, and I very much hope it does not, that is some unfortunate news.  Finch isn’t a terrible artist, but he’s not great with women.  You might remember his variant cover to Justice League #1, where Wonder Woman was all sexily posed:


And short, for some reason.  Batman’s towering over her.  But at least this cover inspired this fantastic response from artist Kelly Turnbull, who put the rest of the Justice League in Wonder Woman’s pose:


That makes me laugh every time I see it.

You may also recall his recent work on Justice League of America, where Catwoman’s zipper went all the way down near her navel in nearly every scene.  Decisions like that make me question whether he’d be a good fit for Wonder Woman.

The Bleeding Cool report doesn’t specify whether Finch is just drawing the book or writing it as well, but I really, really, really hope he’s not writing.  When he co-wrote Batman: The Dark Knight, well, just look; this is the sort of character he came up with:


Super classy.

Bleeding Cool also mentions that Wonder Woman will likely be more in line with her Justice League portrayal, meaning that the Superman romance will be front and center, which is the worst.  There’ll likely be more tie-in to big events as well.  I’ve enjoyed having Wonder Woman off in her own corner of the DC universe, as much as I’ve had my issues with the book over the past couple years, and I really don’t want to see it more integrated with the rest of DC’s line.

Finch is a good artist, and quite decent in dark, moody books that feature characters with big, dramatic capes, but I don’t think he’d be a good fit for Wonder Woman at all.  His track record for writing and drawing women isn’t great, and his style just doesn’t fit her world in any way that I would want to see it, especially after Chiang has thrown down such a gorgeous, definitive run.  I’m crossing my fingers that the rumour is wrong, but knowing DC it’s probably true.

Speculation About The Origin Of The Amazons In The Man Of Steel Sequel Is Masquerading As Rumour/Fact

January 7, 2014


Consider this a public service announcement.  Many outlets have been reporting the following story as a bona fide rumour for the Man of Steel sequel from a knowledgeable source, but fear not.  It’s just speculation.  Here’s the original piece of conjecture from Batman on Film:

With all that said, I’d bet a year’s pay – in MONOPOLY money, of course – that the “Amazons” of this cinematic DCU will be descendants of those “ancient Kryptonians” who attempted to set up Kryptonian outposts throughout spacedom thousands and thousands of years ago. Furthermore, I say that Wonder Woman will be powered-down, if you will, relative to Superman because these Amazons have evolved and adapted to living on Earth for hundreds of centuries. And since Kryptonians are produced without any “He’n and She’n” – Jor El and Lara excluded – couldn’t this original Kryptonian on Earth have used this reproductive science to create an all-female race? I say yes!

Which sounds absolutely awful.  A depowered Wonder Woman with Kryptonian origins instead of her full powers and her own history would be terrible.  Nobody wants a Wonder Woman who is just an extension of the Superman mythos.

Luckily, the above is 100% speculation and not based on any inside information whatsoever.  The post’s writer, Jett, later clarified:

Apparently, several outlets picked up on what I wrote in the mailbag below – especially my take on how Amazons might be explained in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN – and claimed that I was reporting it as fact and/or that it was a “rumor” I had heard.

They. Are. All. WRONG.

The mailbag is between me the fans of BOF with me answering questions with a mix of industry scuttlebutt, inside info, and MY OPINION! Nothing more and I’ve been doing this sort of mailbag for years. I get that people are starved for BvS information, but a lot of sites are taking what I wrote in the mailbag and clearly twisting my words! Either that, or they didn’t read the thing and are simply responding to another outlet’s incorrect report! Thanks to the outlets who ran the story and CLEARLY STATED that I CLEARLY STATED it was all speculation and my opinion.

So there…just setting the damn record straight. This isn’t a rumor, nor is it inside info. It’s nothing more than me guessing how Goyer and Snyder might characterize Wonder Woman and the origin of the Amazons. Carry on…

So we don’t need to be concerned.  I mean, we sort of do.  This is a Zack Snyder movie, and he’s not great at female characters and/or interesting plots and/or good movies.  But in this particular instance, it’s just some dude spitballing a few ideas about how he thinks the Amazons MIGHT be portrayed.  We can all relax.  I know we’re all desperate for information on what they’ll do with Wonder Woman in the Man of Steel sequel, but we should probably wait for actual information.

People sure do seem keen on having a proper Wonder Woman, though, which is nice to see.  This story got posted everywhere, with much outrage across the board.  Hopefully Snyder and Goyer appreciate the spotlight they’re under and the extremely high expectations as they create the first big screen Wonder Woman.

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