Wonder Woman #11 Review: “The Lies” Are Sort Of Exposed?

I’m a day late with this Wonder Woman review; I was on the road all day yesterday and didn’t get a chance to read the book until today. I’ve been really looking forward to this issue, though. Last month’s Wonder Woman #10 finally took us to Themyscira and, shockingly, it was the brutal home ofContinue reading “Wonder Woman #11 Review: “The Lies” Are Sort Of Exposed?”

Wonder Woman #11 Preview: Etta Candy’s On The Case!

When we last left Wonder Woman in “The Lies” she’d returned to Themyscira and found the Hippolyta and Amazons of the New 52 era rather than the ones we’ve been seeing lately in “Year One.” It was a surprising reveal, and one that had been a long time coming. “The Lies” has been a veryContinue reading “Wonder Woman #11 Preview: Etta Candy’s On The Case!”

Wonder Woman #5 Preview: Off To Rescue Steve. Again.

Wonder Woman saving Steve Trevor is a plotline as old as Wonder Woman herself. It’s how her first ever issue started after all, with Steve crashing his plane on Paradise Island and Diana rushing over to rescue him. Now, nearly 75 years later, Steve’s in trouble again. And he’s not worried in the slightest, becauseContinue reading “Wonder Woman #5 Preview: Off To Rescue Steve. Again.”