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June 6, 2014

Tomorrow I am heading to Florida for a two week family vacation (life is rough for old Timothy R. Hanley, that’s for sure) and so things will be a little quieter around Straitened Circumstances while I’m gone. It’s 2014, so I’ll have wifi and whatnot, and will definitely pop in for notable Wonder Woman news. Expect Wonder Woman solicits, if they come out in the next two weeks, previews, and a Wonder Woman review, and hopefully Zack Snyder will release a picture of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the near future! I’m sure I’ll have some thoughts about that.

So yeah, there will be posts. Just fewer posts, because I will be busy sitting in the sun and reading books; 94% of what I do on vacation is read. I’ve got some books lined up that look really cool and that I’m very excited to dive into, including Six-Gun Snow White by Cathyrenne M. Valente, River of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay, and many more. Like ten more. My suitcase might be overweight.

After a lot of searching, I’ve also got myself some fantastic new swim trunks that will allow me to stealth cosplay as Wonder Woman while I’m on the beach. Check them out:


So if you see a guy on a Florida beach rocking those shorts and reading books while everyone else is frolicking in the waves, it’s most likely me. Come say hi. I’ll probably be a shining white beacon because I am all about super high SPF protection.

In the meantime, you can compensate for the lack of new posts by listening to me talk about Wonder Woman Unbound with Mark Lynch of WICN’s Inquiry. It was a super fun show to do; Mark really knows his comics and loves the Silver Age, and it’s always a good time to dig into the weird world of Wonder Woman. We chatted about Lois Lane for a bit as well, which I am always glad to do.

Anyway, I’ll be around, just less often, for the next two weeks. And hopefully I’ll return with stories of some fun comic book adventures! There are a couple of shops I’m really looking forward to checking out, and fingers crossed I’ll make some cool finds. Once when I was in high school I was off on vacation and found the ENTIRE run of the death of Superman in a random bookshop for twenty-five cents an issue, so let’s hope for something awesome like that. And if I don’t find anything cool, at least there will be sun and orange juice.


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