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Women in Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, January 2017 In Review, Plus Female Characters

March 15, 2017


It’s a whole new year of “Gendercrunching,” and my latest article is up now at Bleeding Cool. We saw last month that 2016 marked the highest overall percentage of female creators at both DC and Marvel since this project began, so it should be fun to see where 2017 takes us.

Both publishers began the year down from their December totals, however. DC ticked down slightly to 18% female creators overall, while Marvel tumbled to 16.1%. It’s not the most auspicious beginning to the New Year, but both are average performances relative to each publisher’s recent totals.

We also take a look at female characters in our biannual check in. Women account for 32.4% of the characters on DC’s covers, down slightly from July, while they account for 35.8% of the characters on Marvel’s covers, a big jump from their last total. The percentage of comics with female leads is up at Marvel as well, as it is at DC albeit much less so.

Head over to Bleeding Cool for the full stats and analysis!


Women in Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, December 2016 in Review PLUS Year End Totals

February 27, 2017


My latest “Gendercrunching” column went up at Bleeding Cool last week, and the year closed with decent numbers for female creators at both major superhero publishers, as well as several positive signs for increased representation in 2017.

DC’s overall percentage of female creators ticked down slightly to 18.6%, but it was their third highest total of the year and the past three months at DC have been among their best ever. After a bit of a slump, Marvel jumped a couple of percentage points to land at 17.6% female creators overall, below their recent highs but one of their better showings in some time.

We also take a look back at the year as a whole and both publishers’ numbers for female creators, overall and by category, are noticeably higher than they were a year ago. Also, at DC the monthly numbers are trending in a positive direction in several categories, which bodes well for 2017. Marvel’s trend lines are a little more mixed, but all of the interior art categories saw strong gains and few of the declines were steep.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for all of the stats fun!

Sad Stats On Women In Comics

November 22, 2010

Alexa at Ladies Making Comics has done an interesting assessment of the comic books released in November. She went through the solicits for all major and minor publishers, keeping track of when a woman was listed in the credits.  A solicit states the writer(s) and penciller(s) of an issue, and occasionally the inker(s) as well, and so her stats were limited to those criteria.  She found that, in total, 13.2% of the comic books released in November had a woman working in some creative capacity.

This is sadly low, but also not surprising.  The comic book industry is a bizarrely male-dominated field, perhaps owing to the fact that so many writers and artists today grew up loving comics.  Female readership for comic books has been minimal for decades, and so this pool of comic fans from which our current creators emerged has been a boy’s club for some time.

Historically, though, writing and drawing comic books has always been a man’s game.  There are exceptions here and there, but throughout the Golden and Silver Ages, female creators were few and far between.  These statistics aren’t an alarming decline, but a sad continuation of the same old.

I suppose there’s one silver lining to these numbers: I actually thought they’d be a lot lower.  When I read 13.2%, for a second I thought “Oh wow… that’s way more than I expected.”  And then I was sad, because 13.2% is just ridiculous.  When you’re surprised that the number of women creating comics is actually in double digits, percentagewise, you know the industry’s got a problem. 

Not impressed with the modern comic industry:

(Thanks to Bleeding Cool, for posting the link to Ladies Making Comics).

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