Wonder Woman #73 Review: Through a Glass Darkly

I love an alternate universe. Whether it’s slight changes in a different dimension or a full on evil mirror universe, I’m instantly intrigued. I am here for bizarre multiverse fun all day long. However, alternate universes haven’t been great for Wonder Woman. I’ve never been a big fan of the evil Earth Three, the CrimeContinue reading “Wonder Woman #73 Review: Through a Glass Darkly”

Wonder Woman #55 Review: The Amazing Amazon vs. The Bana-Mighdall

When we last saw our intrepid heroine, she was standing between two armies, trying to stop a war. Classic Wonder Woman behavior, really. If anyone’s going to jump into a battlefield to end a conflict, it’s gonna be Diana. And, minor spoiler alert, she does it. Of course she does. She’s Wonder Woman. But it’sContinue reading “Wonder Woman #55 Review: The Amazing Amazon vs. The Bana-Mighdall”

Wonder Woman #54 Review: A Cold Welcome in Qurac

I’m a day late on this review because I’m off visiting my adorable niece and was busy having adventures yesterday. Amusingly, I was available and on the ball all the dang time with my reviews of that last, horrible run of Wonder Woman but now, when the book finally gets good again, I’m busy onContinue reading “Wonder Woman #54 Review: A Cold Welcome in Qurac”

Wonder Woman #53 Review: Aw Yeah, Teamwork!

There’s something about Wonder Woman that just brings people together. Batman doesn’t have that quality. He can be kind of a jerk sometimes, honestly. Superman doesn’t necessarily need that quality. He’s an inspirational figure, sure, but he can handle a lot on his own. But with Wonder Woman, for all of her power and herContinue reading “Wonder Woman #53 Review: Aw Yeah, Teamwork!”

Wonder Woman #52 Review: A Terrific Team Up to Take On Tezcatlipoca

Wonder Woman teaming up with other women to have adventures and fight villains and whatnot is exactly what I want out of Wonder Woman, and with this week’s issue Steve Orlando, ACO, and David Lorenzo have delivered that in spades. What starts as a fun partnership turns into a trio and then ultimately a quartetContinue reading “Wonder Woman #52 Review: A Terrific Team Up to Take On Tezcatlipoca”

Wonder Woman #51 Review: Capturing the Compassionate Heart of Diana

A new creative team can be a tricky thing, especially with a long running character. Fans have such specific ideas about who a character is and what they stand for, and it must be difficult to try to bring a fresh approach to a book while honouring a character’s lengthy past. All sorts of creators,Continue reading “Wonder Woman #51 Review: Capturing the Compassionate Heart of Diana”