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You Can Buy A Page From The Comic In Which Lois Lane Fell In Love With Comet The Super-Horse!

August 30, 2016


I don’t mean to tell you what to do with your money, gang, but here are some very important facts concerning an excellent investment opportunity:

1) In Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #92, Lois fell in love with Comet the Super-Horse.

2) You can buy a page from that comic book RIGHT NOW at Heritage Auctions.

Lois falling in love with a horse needs some explanation; in particular, it should be pointed out that Lois was a horse at the time as well. Or rather, they were both human, then both horses, and their love grew over the course of their encounters in both forms.

The full story is this: It turns out that Comet the Super-Horse, the caped flying horse who was a pal of Supergirl throughout the Silver Age, was also a human named Bill Biron. Now, back in the days of ancient Greece, Biron was a centaur who fell in love with the sorceress Circe and won her affection by saving her from the evil Maldor, a rival wizard.  Circe gave him a potion to turn him into a man, but she accidentally gave him the wrong potion and turned him into a full horse. She then gave him another potion that gave him the powers of the Olympian gods and immortality. Centuries later, he met Supergirl and became Comet the Super-Horse

You with me so far? Now, for some reason, whenever a comet passes by Earth, Comet the Super-Horse, a.k.a. Biron the former centaur, turns into a powerless human man. And when he does, he performs as the magician Bill Biron to make a few bucks. While he was in this form, he met Lois Lane and, much like with Circe, he won her affection by saving her from an assassination plot. He told her that he was really Comet, but she fell for him anyway and they ended up kissing. As Lois explained, “This is wild! Maybe he’s superhorse, but this handsome, human identity of his really turns me on.”

Lois falling in love with random dudes was pretty common in the Silver Age. She wanted Superman above all else, but he was never into settling down. So when handsome guys came along, Lois was often ready to ditch Superman to marry them. This got her into a lot of tricky situations. She almost married a weird looking alien in one issue, and nearly ended up wed to Satan himself in another. So as far as her romances went, a guy who’s also a horse wasn’t too bad.

Trouble did follow, though, as it always did with these romances. The evil wizard Maldor was still after Biron/Comet, and he ended up turning Lois into a horse! Luckily, the comet flew off into space around the same time and Comet returned to his horse form. The duo evaded horse hunters, then frolicked  together through snow and waterfalls in a romantic horse date.

In the mean time, Circe reached out to Superman through the “stream of time” to tell him that Lois was a horse, and that he could turn her back into a human by exposing her to the radiance of a rainbow. He did so, but part of the spell meant that she forgot her time as a horse, and remembered Biron only as a fun one-night date; she assumed he’d turned back into Comet the Super-horse and just moved on.

Obviously, this is a fantastic issue of Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane. And now, you can own a piece of this story! Heritage Auctions has a listing for a page from the issue, pencilled by the legendary Curt Swan with inks by Mike Esposito:


The page is from the horse hunters sequence, when Lois and Comet fight to escape them. Lois is on the page, but in horse form. And right now, it’s only $12! The price will go up as the auction goes on, and by the time it closes in five days it should be a lot higher, but you never know how these things will go. So get on it, fellow Lois Lane fans! Think of what a conversation piece this page will be when it’s framed and hung prominently in your home. You’d be a fool not to look into it. I’m certainly going to watch the auction through to the end.


My Guest Post For The Lois Lane 75th Anniversary Celebration At Women Write About Comics

May 30, 2013


The super cool site Women Write About Comics is having a big Lois Lane 75th anniversary celebration, including a series of guest posts about Lois.  I got to write one with my friend Lori, and it just got posted today.  It’s about the Silver Age Lois Lane, and specifically about how she spends the vast majority of her own series, Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane, in tears.  She cries when Superman teaches her lessons (which he does all the time, setting up elaborate ruses to do so) or when she disappoints him through her actions or, more often, her appearance.  It’s a rough scene.  The poor girl is distraught all the time, trapped under the yoke of patriarchal oppression.

However, we suggest that there’s a silver lining to Lois’ tears.  In constantly weeping while being forced to conform to the norms of gender roles in the 1950s, the crying can be read as a subversive act.  Her obvious displeasure at her lot in life showed the unpleasantness of women’s role in society at the time, and some of her young readers noticed.

You can read the full post of “Lois Lane’s Cry For Help” over at Women Write About Comics!  It was a lot of fun to write.  Silver Age Lois Lane is a bizarrely fascinating character.

My Guest Post At DC Women Kicking Ass: The Brief Feminist Revolution of Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane

October 5, 2012

I was lucky enough to get to do a guest post on DC Women Kicking Ass this week while Sue is out of town.  I wrote about Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane, and Lois’ very short feminist revolution in 1972.  Lois Lane is one of my favourite characters, SGFLL is one of my favourite series, Dorothy Woolfolk is one of my favourite old school creators, and DCWKA is one of my favourite sites, so this piece was super fun to write all around.

My post is called “The Brief Feminist Revolution of Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane”, and it’s all about how Lois broke up with Superman, quit the Daily Planet to become a freelance journalist, and moved in with three other feminist women.  It was a really good, and very timely, arc, motivated by Dorothy Woolfolk, the series’ new editor and a staunch women’s libber.

Of course, this is comics, so Woolfolk lasted all of seven issues, the series was cancelled soon after, and during the feminist run DC ran a column decrying women’s lib.  You can’t have any kind of sustained feminist voice in comics… that would just be insane.

So head on over to DC Women Kicking Ass and check it out!!

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