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Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #10 Review: “Attack of the 500 Foot Wonder Woman” by Rob Williams and Tom Lyle

October 16, 2014


Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman has been on a pretty steady run for me lately, putting out a diverse array of issues that I’ve enjoyed. This week’s story, “Attack of the 500 Foot Wonder Woman” didn’t work quite as well for me, but I didn’t dislike it either. I had a mishmash of feelings about it, which is rather appropriate given that it was a real mishmash of an issue.

The story seemed to draw it’s inspiration both from the John Byrne era of the mid-1990s with the Gateway City setting, and classic Silver Age adventures with the giant Wonder Woman and lizard monster. Giant Wonder Women were a common occurrence in the 1950s and 1960s, because Wonder Woman writer Robert Kanigher tended to recycle plots and had a thing for giants.

The story was also a mishmash of characters. It’s a Wonder Woman book, but it co-starred the Atom, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and the villain was Byth, the creature of a thousand shapes, who was a regular Silver Age foe of Hawkman. I find it unusual that Sensation Comics has relied so heavily on guest stars and villains from other hero’s rogue galleries. In the past few weeks we’ve had Deadman, Catwoman, the Atom, a rash of Thanagarians, and Sensation Comics launched with a two-part story full of Bat-villains. I don’t recall DC’s other digital series like Adventures of Superman or Legends of the Dark Knight being so heavy on guest stars. I’d really like some Wonder Woman-centric tales, that dig into her world and supporting cast. The issues we’ve had that fit that mold have been my favourites thus far.

On the plus side, all of the other superheroes quickly disappear once the story gets going and the action centers on Wonder Woman defeating Byth while everyone else is out of commission. If you’re going to do guest stars, having them get their butts kicked to show the awesomeness of Wonder Woman is definitely the best way to go. Rob Williams has created a fun story with some cool elements. I liked Wonder Woman repurposing a bridge cable as a giant lasso of truth, and I always enjoy when a Wonder Woman story ends with compassion. The big Silver Age-style introductions for each character were an amusing touch as well.

Continuing the mishmash theme, while I enjoyed the writing I thought that the art wasn’t well executed. On a technical level, Tom Lyle’s faces were all over the place, proportionally, especially with Wonder Woman. In one panel, her nose would be way oversized, and in the next her nose would return to normal but her mouth was now massive. There were some solid panels, to be sure, but overall the art was very inconsistent.

In terms of layout and style, there was more mishmash. I thought Lyle’s backgrounds were really good, which was especially nice to see given that I’ve been noticing a tendency to phone in the backgrounds a bit in Sensation Comics thus far. He rendered the city, and Themyscira, very well, and the issue had a solid sense of geography. On the other hand, I was constantly distracted by Lyle’s choice to give Wonder Woman some weird bangs. It sounds like a dumb, little thing, but they just looked bad, and regularly so. It took me right out of the story. Wonder Woman’s entire head region in general was a bit of a mess this week.

So there was some good and some bad with “Attack of the 500 Foot Wonder Woman.” Ultimately, it came together as just an average issue for me, and one of my least favourites thus far, though it’s not without its redeeming qualities. I mean, a giant Wonder Woman fights a lizard monster. That’s worth a buck.

Wonder Woman Got Her Ass Slapped In Her Own Book, But Kicked Ass Everywhere Else This Week

February 22, 2013

If you read my review of Wonder Woman #17, you know that I didn’t particularly care for the issue. In the midst of critiquing all of the problematic writing and art decisions, I mentioned a panel that really got on my nerves only in passing.  It was this slap of encouragement from Orion:

Not classy.

But while Wonder Woman was busy getting her ass slapped and then not doing much of anything else in her own book (except talking and walking), she also appeared in several other titles in a suitably kick ass fashion with some other great DC heroines.

In Batwoman #17, the “World’s Finest” arc wrapped up with Batwoman and Wonder Woman teaming up to take down Medusa and this huge monster that was terrorizing Gotham:

The issue was gorgeously drawn by J.H. Williams III, and featured our heroines (along with two other gals, Hawkfire and Maggie Sawyer) taking down bad guys and saving the day.  There was no ass slapping whatsoever, just good old superheroics.

Over in Supergirl #17, Wonder Woman tried to talk some sense into Supergirl, who had teamed up with the villainous H’el to try to go back in time and save Krypton.  Initially, Supergirl wouldn’t listen to reason and so they resorted to fisticuffs:

It was an epic fight, beautifully illustrated by the criminally underrated Mahmud Asrar, and ultimately Wonder Woman got the better of Supergirl AND showed her the error of her ways.

Finally, over in Justice League #17, Wonder Woman was part of the team that defeated the Atlantean attack on Boston.  Usually, Wonder Woman is the only gal in the league, but check out all of the ladies in the Justice League reserves:


In this spread, we have Element Woman, Black Canary, Zatanna, and Vixen, and a female Atom shows up later on.  Plus Mera was in the thick of things too.  We went from one woman to seven!!

So while Wonder Woman might not have done much in her own book, she nonetheless had a great week elsewhere and saved Gotham City, Supergirl/the entire Earth, and Boston.  All without ass slaps.  This week, Wonder Woman was your worst Wonder Woman option, really.  Luckily, there were a lot of other fun choices!!

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