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DC Comics’ Artists Appear on SyFy’s Face Off, Including Wonder Woman’s Cliff Chiang and Nicola Scott

January 23, 2013


I don’t know about you all, but I’ve seen every episode of SyFy’s makeup reality show Face Off.  They give contestants these crazy challenges and the make up artists have to come up with a design, sculpt and manufacture prosthetics, and costume and paint their creations, all in two or three days.  It’s really fun to watch the process, and to see the cool things they come up with.  And the trainwrecks too.  This week was a trainwreck episode for sure.

DC’s Dan Didio and Jim Lee came by the show to give the contestants their challenge: Design a superhero, and the winner’s character will appear in a DC comic book.  To help them with their designs, Lee and Didio brought along six of DC’s artists.  They were (in order of appearance in the above photo, after McKenzie Westmore) Mark Buckingham, Cliff Chiang, Tony S. Daniel, David Finch, Nicola Scott, and J.H. Williams III.  It was a pretty awesome lineup.

They got barely any screen time, and god among men J.H. Williams III was relegated to just a very unenthusiastic “Oh, okay” after hearing a crappy pitch, but things went pretty well for the contestants that got to work with Wonder Woman artists.  Most of the designs were just awful, and totally missed the superhero mark.  It was roof stoof.  However, Nicola Scott’s contestant, Eric, made it to the Top Three with his character Dick Gritty.  Dick was a cop who got killed and brought back to life or something, all 1940s style.  I actually thought it was pretty bad, but the rest of the designs were so terrible that this one made it to the top of the list.

And then, SPOILER ALERT, Cliff Chiang’s contestant, Anthony, won the episode with his character, The Infernal Core, despite a massive chest piece malfunction.  The Infernal Core is from the Earth’s core and is all shiny black with bright yellow and red lava in spots.  It was a good paint job, and I think it was definitely the most superherolike character of the night.  I could maybe see him in a comic book, and I suppose I will soon.  Here’s a look at the character:

So yeah, it was NOT a good night for Face Off at all, but Cliff Chiang, Nicola Scott, J.H. Williams III, and other fun artists were on my TV!!  That was pretty cool.  And good work to the former and current Wonder Woman artists for helping their contestants achieve the best (relatively speaking) looks!!


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