Wonder Woman #23: The Truth is Finally Revealed

With Greg Rucka’s time writing Wonder Woman nearing its end, all of the threads are starting to come together now. This week was the finale of “The Truth,” then we’ve got an annual next week, the finale of “Godwatch” two weeks later, and then one last issue that wraps everything up in Wonder Woman #25Continue reading “Wonder Woman #23: The Truth is Finally Revealed”

Women at Marvel Comics Watch – July 2017 Solicits, 24 Women on 22 Books

Marvel has more female creators in their solicits for the second straight month, but by the smallest amount possible. They gained one with the last round, and are up one more with the July solicits, in what can only be called progress-ish. Especially since the numbers remain far, far below their recent highs; since postingContinue reading “Women at Marvel Comics Watch – July 2017 Solicits, 24 Women on 22 Books”

Wonder Woman #21 Review: The Compassionate Core of Wonder Woman

Yet again, I’m starting with an apology for a delayed review, with travel the culprit once more. But I’m back home now and should be settled here for the foreseeable future, so my reviews of Wonder Woman should be on the day of each issue’s release moving forward. This week’s issue was yet another outingContinue reading “Wonder Woman #21 Review: The Compassionate Core of Wonder Woman”

Wonder Woman #19 Review: Back in Action

It’s going to be an abbreviated review this week because your faithful reviewer is in the middle of an absolutely bananas week; so it goes, sometimes. We’ll still get to all the fun of the issue, just more succinctly. First, some good news: The reveal at the end of Wonder Woman #17 was everything weContinue reading “Wonder Woman #19 Review: Back in Action”

Wonder Woman #17 Review: Free Your Minotaur

Things remain bleak for Wonder Woman and the gang. Etta and Steve are on the lam, Barbara is in the clutches of Godwatch and Veronica Cale, and Diana doesn’t know who she is and remains in an asylum. While there is progress on one of those fronts in this second part of “The Truth,” thereContinue reading “Wonder Woman #17 Review: Free Your Minotaur”