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Women in Comics Statistics, DC and Marvel: May 2017 in Review

August 2, 2017


My latest “Gendercrunching” column went up last week over at Bleeding Cool, and it featured the usual DC and Marvel fun plus visits to Dynamite, Boom, Titan, and Valiant.

The Big Two continued to struggle with female creator representation, and posted their lowest combined overall percentage of female creators over the past year in May. DC ticked up slightly to 15.1% female creators, a gain that still left them with their second lowest total over the past twelve months. Marvel dropped to 15.9% female creators, their lowest total in six months.

We also concluded our biannual tour of other direct market publishers, and it was a mixed bag. Dynamite slid down to a paltry 6.2% female creators, Boom remained a bastion of female representation at 39%, Titan ticked down slightly to a relatively strong 20.4%, and Valiant rose to 14.3%. All told, our larger tour over the past two months featured more losses than gains, and combined with low showings at DC and Marvel, female creator representation across the board in the direct market appears to have taken a bit of a dip as of late.

Head on over the Bleeding Cool for the full stats and all of the “Gendercrunching” fun!


Women in Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, November 2016 in Review

January 31, 2017


My latest “Gendercrunching” column went up at Bleeding Cool a week or so ago, and November 2016 saw DC posting a high percentage of female creators again as Marvel continued to slide.

DC had 19.4% female creators overall, a slight drop from October but still their second best total of the year. Marvel slipped down to 15.6% female creators, and while that wasn’t a big decline from October, it was the publisher’s third straight month of drops.

We also checked in on several smaller publishers. Boom! posted a whopping 40.9% female creators overall, the highest number we’ve ever seen from any publisher. Titan ticked down since our last visit but still came in at a very solid 22.1%. Dynamite fell more than half, posting only 9.1% female creators. Finally, Valiant ticked up slightly to 10.1%.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for all of the stats and analysis!

Women in Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, September 2015 In Review

November 17, 2015


My latest “Gendercrunching” column went up last week over at Bleeding Cool, and the Big Two went in different directions in September after last month’s highs for female creators.

DC fell three percentage points to 13.1% female creators, a relatively solid total for DC when compared to their past few years but a big drop from August. Marvel ticked up slightly, rising 0.4% to 17.2% female creators overall, their highest total since I began keeping track of these numbers four years ago.

We also check in with four smaller publishers, three of which really put these Big Two totals into perspective. Avatar continued to do poorly, coming in at 0% for the third year in a row, but the rest of the publishers did quite well. Oni Press had 20% female creators, Titan had 22.5%, and Zenescope had 22%. Those are good numbers, and they completely blow DC and Marvel out of the water. The low 20% range is still very much a minority, of course, but when compared to the rest of the industry these three publishers are doing well in terms of representation.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for more stats fun, including the breakdowns by category and more context for each publisher!

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