Wonder Woman’s October 2016 Covers and Solicits

There’s some cool stuff on the way for Wonder Woman this October, from her regular bi-monthly series to a fun special to some intriguing collections. Between Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary and the upcoming film, the character’s profile is sky high and we’ve been getting a pretty nice selection of Wonder Woman products announced each month.Continue reading “Wonder Woman’s October 2016 Covers and Solicits”

Wonder Woman #19 Review OR Orion’s Much Deserved Comeuppance

My fellow Wonder Woman readers, our long national nightmare is over.  The ass slap heard around the world has been avenged, and Orion has been thoroughly shut down.  Wonder Woman #19 wasn’t a particularly eventful issue, and I had some definite issues with it, but at least Orion got a well deserved and long overdueContinue reading “Wonder Woman #19 Review OR Orion’s Much Deserved Comeuppance”

Wonder Woman #19 Preview OR Someone Needs To Buy A Book Of Baby Names

Wonder Woman #19 is out this week and we’ve got a five-page preview of the issue with art from regular fill-in artist Tony Akins and former Y: The Last Man fill-in artist Goran Sudzuka.  Let’s take a look: Starting a book with a three page conversation where absolutely nothing happens seems like an odd choiceContinue reading “Wonder Woman #19 Preview OR Someone Needs To Buy A Book Of Baby Names”

Wonder Woman #18 Review OR Wonder Woman Plays A Minor Role In Some Big Story Resolution

Something finally happened in Wonder Woman #18, which is a very nice change of pace.  Wonder Woman’s been looking for Zola’s baby since August, and now she’s finally got him back with his mother after months of what felt to me like a rather slow moving story.  So that’s good.  However, I’m of two mindsContinue reading “Wonder Woman #18 Review OR Wonder Woman Plays A Minor Role In Some Big Story Resolution”

Wonder Woman #18 Preview

Comic Book Resources has posted a six page preview of Wonder Woman #18, which comes out this Wednesday in fine comic book shops everywhere.  Let’s take a look: Three credited artists is rarely a good sign for the overall quality of a book.  Usually when that happens, the schedule is so tight that the mainContinue reading “Wonder Woman #18 Preview”

Wonder Woman #17 Review OR Kind Of Sloppy Work From Everyone This Month

There’s nothing I want more than to enjoy Wonder Woman every month, so these last few less than enthusiastic reviews have been a real bummer for me.  I miss the fast, crazy fun of the early days of the relaunch where the plot hurtled forward, jumping from hilarity to cool fights to touching moments withContinue reading “Wonder Woman #17 Review OR Kind Of Sloppy Work From Everyone This Month”

Wonder Woman #17 Preview

Wonder Woman #17 is out this Wednesday, and DC’s put up a preview of the book via Wired, and specifically through their “Geek Mom” page.  That’s a fun choice!  Corrina Lawson is super great, and it’s nice to see that DC’s been reaching out to some female-friendly sites lately.  This is WAY better than whenContinue reading “Wonder Woman #17 Preview”