Wonder Woman’s January 2017 Covers and Solicits

The New Year is set to begin with a variety of comic books and collections starring Wonder Woman and, in one new series, a group of her fellow Amazons. With the Wonder Woman film on the horizon, DC seems to be putting a bit of extra effort into their Wonder Woman offerings and featuring theContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s January 2017 Covers and Solicits”

Wonder Woman’s July 2015 Covers And Solicits

July is going to be a very busy month for Wonder Woman. Between her own titles, team books, and guest appearances, it sounds like she’s going to be around a lot. This could get expensive for all the completist collectors out there! Let’s take a look at what Wonder Woman will be up to inContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s July 2015 Covers And Solicits”

Introducing Superman/Wonder Woman’s New Creative Team: Peter Tomasi And Doug Mahnke

With Tony S. Daniel departing Superman/Wonder Woman for a new Deathstroke title, I assumed that we’d get an announcement about a new artist for the series sometime soon. Instead, we got a whole new creative team. Writer Charles Soule is leaving the book as well, and Peter Tomasi and Doug Mahnke are taking over theContinue reading “Introducing Superman/Wonder Woman’s New Creative Team: Peter Tomasi And Doug Mahnke”

Superman/Wonder Woman #11 Preview OR Didn’t Wonder Woman Used To Be In This Book?

I’m not entirely sure why they keep calling this book Superman/Wonder Woman when Wonder Woman is such a non-factor every month. Currently, she’s a background player in the big, Superman-centric “Doomed” storyline and in this five page preview of Superman/Wonder Woman #11 from 13th Dimension, she doesn’t even appear. Let’s take a look: Non andContinue reading “Superman/Wonder Woman #11 Preview OR Didn’t Wonder Woman Used To Be In This Book?”

Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1 Preview: “Doomed” Rolls On

In an odd move that may irk some customers, DC Comics is continuing the ongoing “Doomed” crossover between Superman/Wonder Woman and Action Comics in a pair of $4.99 annuals this week. So to get the full story, you have to shell out another ten bucks on top of what you’re already paying to get bothContinue reading “Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #1 Preview: “Doomed” Rolls On”

Wonder Woman’s October 2014 Covers And Solicits

October is going to be a busy and significant month for Wonder Woman. Not only are Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang wrapping up their run on Wonder Woman, they’re unveiling her New 52 origin story in Secret Origins as well. Wonder Woman’s two other series have new issues as well, so let’s get to theContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s October 2014 Covers And Solicits”

A Look At August’s Superman/Wonder Woman #11 Selfie Variant Cover

It’s quite the week for Wonder Woman variant covers! Today we’ve got a peek at DC’s August line of selfie variants, a silly idea that I sort of love just because it’s so goofy. It reeks of “Hey, you know what the kids are into these days?” but I’m still into it; it’s fun, andContinue reading “A Look At August’s Superman/Wonder Woman #11 Selfie Variant Cover”