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New Wonder Woman Movie Trailer Explores Her Origins

March 13, 2017

A new trailer for Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman debuted this weekend, and I’m happy to report that the movie is still looking great. We got a lot of new footage in this one, including a decent amount of time spent on Themyscira, and I really liked a lot of what I saw. Now, of course, this is the DCEU; good trailers don’t necessarily mean good movies. But so far, Wonder Woman has been hitting it out of the park and that has me cautiously optimistic about the film.

Warner Bros. describes the video as the “Origin Trailer” and thus we got a good look at the Amazons. They remain super bad ass and cool, and I like the design of the island and the Amazons themselves a lot. We also get some flashbacks, including a peek at a young Diana who is just adorable:


I’m hoping we get a few scenes with her because she seems cute and fun.

Little Diana is staring at the “god killer” sword there, and I do remain irked at how much attention the sword is getting. Wonder Woman’s never been a character who wields a sword until very recently; she’s got a golden lasso that she’s rather famed for, and I wish that’s what young Diana was eying rather than a sword. To me, sword fighting just isn’t who the character is. But I was pleased to see the lasso play a key role as the trailer progressed, including this rad takedown:



Hopefully Wonder Woman’s real weapon gets its due throughout the movie as well.

On top of that lasso scene, we got a bunch of other cool action shots too. I think Wonder Woman is going to have some epic fight scenes. Everything we’ve seen so far looks very cool, and Wonder Woman’s fighting scenes in Batman v Superman were easily the most entertaining part of that movie. All of the action clips we’ve seen thus far in Wonder Woman trailers look exciting and well-shot, and it’s going to be a blast to see the full scenes.

One thing I’m particularly glad to see every trailer has included is humour, and this new one is no exception. Gal Gadot’s fish-out-of-water Diana shtick looks like it should be entertaining, Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor seems good for some wisecracks, and Lucy Davis’ Etta Candy looks like she’s poised to steal the whole show. I liked her trying to dissuade Diana from carrying her sword in public:


The humour in DCEU movies hasn’t been great, at all, and it’s nice to see some genuinely funny bits  are coming with Wonder Woman.

Finally, the trailer appears to confirm the daughter of Zeus origin story. Hippolyta ominously tells Antiope that Diana “must never know the truth about what she is,” which sounds like it might be a Zeus-related secret given this lightning display later on in the trailer:


I don’t care for the Zeus origin at all. I much prefer the clay origin, in which no men are involved and Diana’s origins are distinctly female and feminist. Making her a demigod who gets her powers from a man is boring, dumb, and kind of misses the point of the character. I’m hoping it’s not a huge point of focus for the movie, and that Zeus doesn’t come up too much.

So yeah, Wonder Woman looks pretty great. And in ways that seem to be addressing how DC’s other movies have been not at all great, which is encouraging. This could be really cool. And we’re less than three months away now! Can you believe it? Wonder Woman’s finally getting her own movie! And just when we need her the most.

The New Wonder Woman Movie Trailer Looks Ridiculously Cool

November 4, 2016

I’m starting to get really excited about this, gang. I know I’ve been burned by superhero movies before, several times in fact, but dang does Wonder Woman look like it’s going to be a cool movie. This new trailer, released yesterday, is an absolute blast and leaves me so keen for more. Warner Bros. and Patty Jenkins still seem to be in tease mode here; it’s the second trailer, but it remains light on details. Still, we know a little bit more than we did before, and perhaps we can start to make some educated guesses.

First off, it appears that Dr. Poison could to be one of the villains, and I’m assuming that she’s the lady with the partial face appliance. Showing gases that can eat through a gas mask is a good indicator, plus the World War One setting makes a lot of sense given the terrible toxins used in the trenches during the war. If this guess proves true, it could be a very fun choice. Dr. Poison is a classic Wonder Woman villain that should fit well in her new setting. And I’m guessing we’ll get a second, likely mythological villain in the mix, probably Ares, though to my eye the trailer seems inconclusive on the mythology front.

Also, Steve Trevor’s arrival on Paradise Island may not be a solo affair. His crash landing appears to be followed by a German invasion of the Amazons’ home. I’m not super up on my World War One history, but that rowboat is named “Schwaren” (or some such; it’s blurry), which seems rather German, and I googled their uniforms and these fellows look similar. That’s an interesting twist on the classic Steve Trevor arrival.

And DANG does the battle that ensues look SUPER COOL. I can’t wait to see all of this on the big screen. That swinging Amazon flying down from the cliff? Amazing. It looks like at least one Amazon is going to die in the attack, presumably leading to Diana departing the island and going to help fight the war.

Paradise Island looks rad, by the way. That long shot with all the buildings and such looks great. There’s a definite style to the place that feels ancient and classic while being unique at the same time. I like everything I’m seeing on Paradise Island so far.

In Europe, we basically get a whole lot of Wonder Woman kicking ass, which is a blast. She deflects SO MANY bullets. I love it. Also, that alley way attack looks like it might be an homage to Superman: The Movie, which is delightful. All of the action is awesome, and also not at all generic, which I’m glad to see. Wonder Woman appears to have a unique fighting style, and the action looks well shot and choreographed. I’m very into it all of it.

The trailer hints at the Diana/Steve romance as well; we’ve got a near kiss between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine that should have fans of their relationship very excited. And, just like with the first trailer, Lucy Davis’ Etta Candy steals the show at the end, this time with her enthusiasm for fisticuffs. She seems poised to be the film’s break out character.

I will say, yet again, that I’m still not sure on the World War One setting. As much as I loved the trailer, this is not a setting we’ve ever seen for Wonder Woman before and that feels a little bit weird. Also, Diana clashing with the gender norms of 1917 is amusing and all, but I’d much rather have a Wonder Woman who pushes the boundaries of our modern world rather than a world a century past when women couldn’t even vote yet. It’s not hard to look progressive and tough a hundred years ago.

Nonetheless, this is a fantastic trailer and I enjoyed it like crazy. Everything looks so fun and exciting and rad, and my already astronomical keenness for the movie has now grown even more. If Wonder Woman can deliver on all of the promise its shown in the two trailers so far, it’s going to be a heck of a film. And it’s only seven months away now! I can’t wait.

Wonder Woman and Justice League Trailers Debut at Comic-Con, and Both Look Cool!

July 23, 2016

Today was Warner Bros.’ movie panel at San Diego Comic-Con, and that video right above this text is the first Wonder Woman trailer. Can we just take a second to appreciate that this finally exists? I mean, dang, it’s been decades of development to get here. We’ve seen a million different Batmans and Spider-Mans and Supermans and now we’ve finally got Wonder Woman on the big screen in her own film. It’s so overdue, but exciting nonetheless.

And, thank the goddesses, it’s pretty fun. This is a trailer in which Wonder Woman infiltrates a fancy party with a sword hidden in the back of her dress. I am SO on board for that. Plus, all of the elements are there. Amazons on a hidden island, a crashed Steve Trevor, a bad ass Diana whooping all kind of dudes, even friggin’ Etta Candy. This is a legit Wonder Woman.

Plus the action looks ridiculously fun. I still don’t love that Wonder Woman has a sword all the dang time, hilarious party subterfuge aside, but the fights here look super rad. And the lasso glows! It also glowed for the 12 seconds she used it in Batman v Superman, and it looked cool there so I’m glad they’re continuing it here. It’s kind of awesome.

We’ve also got a properly mystical and magical Paradise Island, which is key. It’s otherworldly, to be sure. And “They do not deserve you” is my favourite line in the whole trailer. I am all about a Hippolyta who loves her daughter fiercely and has some qualms about sending her out into the barbaric world of men. So often we see that mother/daughter relationship portrayed poorly, and the hints of it we see in this trailer really hit the mark for me.

Also, Steve Trevor is kind of endearing, which is a pleasant surprise. Steve is so often boring, but casting Chris Pine was a smart move. I suppose your enjoyment of Steve will depend on your enjoyment of Pine, but I’ve found his handsome snarkiness enjoyable over the years. He comes off as a good man in the trailer, and that’s all he needs to be really. Then at the end we get Etta Candy! Instantly taking a shine to Diana, like Etta always should. That final scene is a delight.

However, it’s a British Etta Candy during World War One, and that still feels weird to me. It’s a good trailer and I’m cautiously optimistic about the movie, but this is not a Wonder Woman that has ever existed before. Her classic origin is rooted in World War Two, and her successive incarnations have only updated her origin to a more modern setting. There’s never been a Diana in 1910s England, or a British Etta, or Amazons fighting the Kaiser’s troops. It’s Wonder Woman, but it’s not quite Wonder Woman for me. Yet. The change may well grow on me once I see the film. But I still feel a slight disconnect about the change in setting and time, and the ripples that causes in the mythos.

Also, as I’ve mentioned several times, situating Wonder Woman so far in the past may limit her relevance. It’s easy to make Wonder Woman look cool and feminist against sexists dudes from a century past, and to poke holes in the inequality of those days; this is a world where women couldn’t even vote yet! But we’re dealing with 2016 sexism these days, and lots of it. Pitting  Wonder Woman versus straw men ideologies everyone today agrees was bad is weak sauce. Wonder Woman should be confronting the issues that face women today.

Still, Gal Gadot is a GREAT Wonder Woman, and she’s amazing in this trailer. She captures the character so well, and I love the strength and regality and power she brings to the role. Patty Jenkins looks to have a good handle on Wonder Woman as well, and on a big action film. Everything felt like Wonder Woman, to a certain extent, and it was all suitably epic and action packed and exciting. They seem to be an excellent team.

I still have no idea what this movie is about, other than that it’s Wonder Woman’s origin. The bad guys appear to be Danny Huston and maybe that gal in the mask, but I have no idea who they are or what their objective is. Or what the plot is more broadly. It clearly involves the first world war, and it seems that the Amazons are going to get dragged into it, but this was more a teaser than anything overly specific in terms of plot.

It’s a dang good looking teaser, though, and I’m excited to learn more. I still have little to no faith whatsoever in DC’s cinematic universe after Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, and there are choices here with Wonder Woman that I’m not yet sold on. But the trailer looks very cool, and has definitely increased my optimism about the film as a whole.

And here’s something even crazier: We got a Justice League trailer as well, and it actually doesn’t look terrible:

Zack Snyder and company seem to have learned from the poor reception of Batman v Superman, and have actually given this film some humour and fun. The Flash seems poised to steal the movie, though bad ass Aquaman is clearly going to be a fan favourite as well. Wonder Woman doesn’t get a lot to do, but the tone in general is light and pleasant, even with an alien menace on the horizon. Affleck’s Batman seems like less of a psychotic jerk, and the trailer as a whole feels more like a DC property than anything the studio’s put out over the past decade or so. I am so pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it. If they can figure out how to turn this franchise around from its bleak dourness, so one will be happier than me.

So HOORAY we’ve got a Wonder Woman trailer and DOUBLE HOORAY it doesn’t suck! Fingers crossed that they can pull off something cool here and reset the board for a more enjoyable universe with this and Justice League. These trailers are an excellent start.

New Batman v Superman Trailer Features More Wonder Woman, Thus Is The Best Trailer Yet

February 11, 2016

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just over a month away now, Warner Bros. has released their final full length trailer for the movie. And surprisingly, it opens kind of awesomely, with Batman taking down a bunch of bad guys. I’m still very leery of this film for a variety of reasons, but I’m kind of excited to see that scene on the big screen. It looks all sorts of cool.

Then the trailer gets back to the goofy bro angst and fighting each other shenanigans, and everything gets decidedly less interesting. Except for Wonder Woman! She’s yet again a very small part of the trailer, but her role is slightly bigger than in the past couple. And she gets to say a line, sticking it to Bruce Wayne no less. Here it is, in handy GIF form:




That’s kind of fun. And then she does this, which looks super rad:


I pity whoever she’s leaping towards. They are going to end up in a bad way.

While I still have very little hope for this movie as a whole, I’d love to be pleasantly surprised and I’m definitely enjoying everything I’ve seen of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman so far. She seems primed to steal the show, for sure. If anyone can straighten those dumb boys out, it’s Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Steals the Show in New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

December 3, 2015

A brand new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiered last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and most of it isn’t particularly good. Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne are being snippy at each other, Lex Luthor is annoying, Superman and Batman fight it out, and Doomsday looks kind of terrible. Plus the trailer gives away basically the entire plot of the movie, unless they’ve got some clever twists up their sleeve. I feel like I could write a fairly accurate synopsis of how everything is going to go down at this point (Batman doesn’t like Superman because of the destruction in Metropolis, they fight, Luthor eggs them on, then sends in Doomsday, Wonder Woman shows up, they all team up to beat Doomsday and Luthor). And, like the dreary Man of Steel, it’s all very bleak and drab and joyless.

Then Wonder Woman shows up, and it gets AWESOME. The dumb boys are all busting each other up and then Doomsday attacks them and they’re like “OH NO!!” But then Wonder Woman comes in looking all cool with her shield and totally handles the situation:


And the boys are awed by how rad she is and inspired to team up, Justice League style:


Yet again, Wonder Woman is in a Batman v Superman trailer for all of three seconds but, yet again, they are the best three seconds of the trailer, BY FAR. I have very little hope for the rest of the movie; none of the characters feel right, heroes battling heroes is played out, and oh my lord the man angst. But I think the few scenes with Wonder Woman could be fantastic.  Gal Gadot looks fierce and awesome. I’m not anticipating that she’ll be in it a lot, but everything we’ve seen so far looks ridiculously cool. Here’s hoping for a Lois Lane team up, too! If Wonder Woman and Lois get to do something fun together, I might forgive the movie for it’s stupid looking Zod/Doomsday hybrid thing.

Here’s the full trailer if you’re interested. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is out on March 25, 2015. It’s not looking like it’s going to be very good, but WONDER WOMAN, you guys. WONDER WOMAN:

The Only Important Moments From The New Batman v Superman Trailer, aka. AW YEAH, WONDER WOMAN!!

July 13, 2015

At the Warner Bros. movie panel at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, Zack Snyder unveiled a new, full length trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s about three and a half minutes long, and gives us a better sense of what the movie is going to be about. It seems that Superman destroyed a Wayne building during his indiscriminate Zod rampage in Man of Steel and now Batman is wicked mad about it, so they’re going to fight and such. Here’s a look at the trailer:

Now, most of this trailer isn’t great. Everyone’s all grumpy and angry, fighting when they should be friends. That’s not cool. Lex Luthor is a Zuckerbergian twit we all want to slap the sass out of. Don’t even get me started on Ma Kent; I mean, “You don’t owe this world a thing”?? Great inspirational speech, Ma Kent. Between her and Pa “Maybe you should have let them die” Kent, it’s no wonder this version of Superman is so screwed up. So much of Zack Snyder’s approach to Superman is just massively, infuriatingly wrong.

So yeah, it’s all dark and gloomy and operatically serious. Aquaman’s not even in it, which is a bad call. Jason Momoa makes everything better. But then this happens:


Oh dang, it’s Wonder Woman!! Looking all kinds of bad ass even with the colours so ridiculously desaturated. Some poor sucker is about to get a punch that is not going to feel good. It’s never a good idea to make Wonder Woman mad.

And then this goes down:


AHHHHHHHHHHH BRACELET DEFLECTING!!!!! So classic, and so fun. Just so Wonder Woman, really. It’s nice to know that even while they’re making dark, unpleasant versions of the titular characters, Batman v Superman is going to get at least some of the iconic Wonder Woman elements right.

And finally, there is this, which I love so much and which fills me with hope that Wonder Woman won’t suck:


That look, you guys. That utterly defiant, “Aw naw, you just messed with the wrong gal” attitude. It’s so entirely Wonder Woman to me. She’s just not having any of it and I love it! It’s literally just a second of the trailer, but I think it communicates so much about the character, and really sells me on Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

I know that some folks were disappointed that all Wonder Woman did in the trailer was be angry and fight, and I can understand that. Unfortunately, it looks like that’s just what this movie is going to be, hurt feelings and punching. It’s going to be a more martial take on Wonder Woman, so we should adjust our expectations accordingly. For me, Gal Gadot looks super fierce in a good way, not in the unhinged way Batman is or the weirdly damaged way Superman is. She just seems done with all of the nonsense, and I’m hoping that her action scenes revolve around her trying to break up the stupid Batman and Superman fights to try to get them to be friends. There’s something to her in these glimpses that I find heroic, in ways I don’t for Batman and Superman. I think that the trailer sets up Batman as human grit and anger and Superman as godly power and detachment, and Wonder Woman serves to bridge that gap with the good parts of both. That’s reading a lot into three seconds of footage, but it’s a super rad three seconds.

Anyway, I am cautiously optimistic about Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman, though I remain wary of pretty much everything else in the film. I may yet be burned; Snyder’s done it to me time and again. But Gal Gadot seems to embody the spirit of Wonder Woman in fun ways here, and I can’t wait to see more of her. If she turns out even half as cool as she looks in this trailer, I’ll be a happy Wonder Woman fan.

Thanks to DC Women Kicking Ass for posting the gifs!

The Trailer For CBS’ New Supergirl Show Is Delightful And Action-Packed

May 14, 2015


Supergirl can never catch a break. She’s constantly overshadowed by Superman, of course, what with him being the originator of the entire superhero genre and all. Her 1984 film didn’t go over terribly well, and is regularly cited as an example of why there are so few superhero films starring women these days (even though Superman IV: The Quest for Peace made only a million dollars more than Supergirl three years later; and yet male-led superhero movies remain the norm and Superman’s been back to the big screen several times since). Her comic book series over the past couple of decades have been generally unremarkable, and the one major bright spot, Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade by Landry Q. Walker and Eric Jones, never caught on like it should have.

But now, Supergirl has a new showcase with her own hour-long television show. The show premieres this fall on CBS, where it will air on Monday nights, and the network has released a six minute trailer:

I am very excited for this show. One thing that DC’s television division understands (and that their film division seems to not understand at all) is that diversity of tone is a good thing. There are lots of DC properties across a variety of channels, and they’re all different. Arrow is dark and moody, Flash is light and fun, iZombie is weird and quirky, Gotham is… well, Gotham kind of sucks. But the point remains: They’re all different.

Supergirl seems to be going for a mix of Superman: The Movie and The Devil Wears Prada, which is an interesting combination. While most superhero shows have romantic elements, few tread too far into the realm of romantic comedy. Supergirl appears to be embracing that genre in a cool way that looks like it will work well with all of the superheroics. It’s a smart angle that should appeal to viewers who aren’t interested in DC’s other superhero shows. A lot of the internet commentary thus far has praised (or chastised) Supergirl for courting a female audience, and women are stereotypically rom-com fans, but I think a lot of guys will be into it too. Who doesn’t like a good romantic comedy? It’s got comedy AND romance. That’s double the fun. Plus Supergirl is a superhero romance comedy, which means THREE times the fun.

Melissa Benoist seems like she’ll be a great Supergirl, and the rest of the cast looks like a lot of fun too. Calista Flockhart seems to have the mean boss thing down pat, Mehcad Brooks looks to be a surprisingly suave and charming Jimmy Olsen, and everyone else is suitably enjoyable. Plus, as Wilfredo Torres (@mightyfineline) pointed out on Twitter last night, Supergirl saves more people in this trailer than Superman did in all of Man of Steel. That’s all I want out of my Super-entertainment, someone who saves people who need help, be it from accidents, natural disasters, or bad guys.

So yeah, I’m pretty excited to check out the show! It’s great to see a superhero property with a female lead, and I’m glad it’s something different tonally. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

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