Some Not All Supermen News AND Book Recommendations!

We’re nearing two months since Not All Supermen came out, and thanks again to everyone who’s picked it up! I hope you’re all enjoying it. It’s been fun to see how timely it’s been, in a totally unplanned way. There’s a whole section on She-Hulk in the book, just in time for the Disney+ showContinue reading “Some Not All Supermen News AND Book Recommendations!”

My Top 10 Superhero Comic Books of 2017

It’s been an interesting year for superhero comic books. DC’s been trucking along with “Rebirth,” telling a lot of fun stories in the mix. Marvel’s been more split, with half the line spending a considerable part of the year embroiled in weird Nazi/Hydra antics while several of the titles that avoided Secret Empire put outContinue reading “My Top 10 Superhero Comic Books of 2017”