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Wonder Woman Got Her Ass Slapped In Her Own Book, But Kicked Ass Everywhere Else This Week

February 22, 2013

If you read my review of Wonder Woman #17, you know that I didn’t particularly care for the issue. In the midst of critiquing all of the problematic writing and art decisions, I mentioned a panel that really got on my nerves only in passing.  It was this slap of encouragement from Orion:

Not classy.

But while Wonder Woman was busy getting her ass slapped and then not doing much of anything else in her own book (except talking and walking), she also appeared in several other titles in a suitably kick ass fashion with some other great DC heroines.

In Batwoman #17, the “World’s Finest” arc wrapped up with Batwoman and Wonder Woman teaming up to take down Medusa and this huge monster that was terrorizing Gotham:

The issue was gorgeously drawn by J.H. Williams III, and featured our heroines (along with two other gals, Hawkfire and Maggie Sawyer) taking down bad guys and saving the day.  There was no ass slapping whatsoever, just good old superheroics.

Over in Supergirl #17, Wonder Woman tried to talk some sense into Supergirl, who had teamed up with the villainous H’el to try to go back in time and save Krypton.  Initially, Supergirl wouldn’t listen to reason and so they resorted to fisticuffs:

It was an epic fight, beautifully illustrated by the criminally underrated Mahmud Asrar, and ultimately Wonder Woman got the better of Supergirl AND showed her the error of her ways.

Finally, over in Justice League #17, Wonder Woman was part of the team that defeated the Atlantean attack on Boston.  Usually, Wonder Woman is the only gal in the league, but check out all of the ladies in the Justice League reserves:


In this spread, we have Element Woman, Black Canary, Zatanna, and Vixen, and a female Atom shows up later on.  Plus Mera was in the thick of things too.  We went from one woman to seven!!

So while Wonder Woman might not have done much in her own book, she nonetheless had a great week elsewhere and saved Gotham City, Supergirl/the entire Earth, and Boston.  All without ass slaps.  This week, Wonder Woman was your worst Wonder Woman option, really.  Luckily, there were a lot of other fun choices!!


Flashpoint: Wonder Woman And The Furies #3 Preview

August 12, 2011

It’s Flashpoint Friday, and DC’s The Source blog has posted a four-page preview of Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #3, which hits stores next Wednesday.  It includes the tagline “You have got us into a war that was never necessary.”  Take a look:


I haven’t read the second issue, so I really have no idea what’s going on.  But why is Huntress there?  I assume they explained it in the previous issue, but I don’t get how Huntress can even exist in this universe… Batman’s continuity is all bunged up, and Huntress is tied in pretty close to that.  And why is she wearing the exact same outfit?  Everyone else has classy new threads… though Hawkgirl, Vixen, and Terra seem to be wearing their usual costumes here too.  Those girls got hosed. 

Anyway, Wonder Woman is all angry about something, and will probably fight some people.  Check out the mini’s finale this Wednesday!!

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