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Could TNT’s Titans TV Series Starring Nightwing Mean A Live Action Donna Troy?

September 12, 2014


Yesterday, news broke that TNT is developing a Titans television series that would center around Dick Grayson leaving his role as Batman’s sidekick Robin, becoming Nightwing, and forming his own superhero team. Other heroes mentioned in articles about the show’s development include Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg, but the obvious question for Wonder Woman enthusiasts is will Donna Troy, aka. Wonder Girl, be a part of the show?

Wonder Girl was a part of the Teen Titans from the very beginning, fighting alongside Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad in their own series in the 1960s. When the team was relaunched as the New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman and George Perez in 1980, Wonder Girl remained part of the team, alongside new additions like Beast Boy and the aforementioned Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg. New Teen Titans chronicled Dick Grayson’s evolution from Robin to Nightwing, the same era the show is built upon, and Donna Troy was a key character in the series throughout its entire run. Her history got rather convoluted over the years but, as the Teen Titans grew into adulthood, Donna Troy always stuck with her gang, from a rebranding as the Titans in the late 1990s to following Dick Grayson to the Justice League as the last incarnation of the team before the New 52 began in 2011.

Since the launch of the New 52, Donna Troy has been benched. DC has teased her return via a quick look a whiteboard planning future storylines; “Donna” is linked to “SM/WW”, or Superman/Wonder Woman. Nothing has come of it yet, but the same whiteboard mentioned the return of Stephanie Brown and Wally West, both of which have since been brought back. It also sounds like she’s going to be a part of one of Grant Morrison’s Multiversity issues, albeit it in a different universe.

Having Donna Troy in a Titans TV series just makes sense given her long history with the team. Plus, it might spur DC to bring her back into their primary universe after a now three-year long absence. Donna is a favourite of both Wonder Woman and Teen Titans fans, and her appearance in any medium would be a definite cause for celebration.

Also, if the show got picked up soon and Donna was a part of it, that would mean that we’ll get a new live action Wonder Girl (Debra Winger played a non-Donna Troy Wonder Girl in the 1970s Wonder Woman TV show) before we get a new live action Wonder Woman. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t out until March 2016, so Donna might beat Diana to the punch. Given Wonder Woman’s long and frustrating journey to a modern live action adaptation, her sister getting there first seems almost appropriate

The Titans pilot is being written by Akiva Goldsman, whose star power might help the project’s chances of getting picked up. Goldsman wrote A Beautiful Mind and several other Ron Howard projects, but he also wrote Batman Forever and Batman and Robin so don’t get your hopes too high. On the other hand, he worked on Fringe, too, and that was a fantastic AND fantastical show, which could bode well for Titans. Everything is currently up in the air, including Donna Troy’s hypothetical involvement in the project. She wasn’t mentioned as part of the show in any of the articles announcing the series, and Wonder Woman-related characters haven’t appeared in any DC properties like Smallville or Arrow, so this all may be wishful thinking. But come on! Donna Troy just makes sense. Make it happen, TNT. We’re all jonesing for some live action Amazon fun.

Remembering Nick Cardy With His Wonder Woman Covers

November 8, 2013

Earlier this week, famed comic book artist Nick Cardy passed away at the age of 93.  Cardy began in comics in 1939 at Eisner & Iger, and later won two Purple Hearts during World War Two.  Years after the war, Cardy was hired by DC Comics, where he was best known for launching the Silver Age Aquaman and drawing the first few years of his series, and for his work on Teen Titans in the late 1960s and into the 1970s.

Cardy also drew a few Wonder Woman covers soon after the end of the mod era in the early 1970s, when Wonder Woman got her superpowers back and returned to her Amazon roots.  His first cover was Wonder Woman #205, the second issue after Wonder Woman’s return:


William Moulton Marston certainly would have loved this cover.  The bondage imagery and the “Suffering Sappho!” both harked back to earlier incarnations of Wonder Woman and her past sexualized tendencies.

Cardy drew the following issue as well, Wonder Woman #206, showing a battle between Wonder Woman and her sister Nubia:


Mars had tricked them into fighting each other but, SPOILER ALERT, the two sisters soon teamed up to defeat Mars in this startling book-length epic.

The Grand Comics Database also credits Cardy with the cover of Wonder Woman #211:


This issue had a wider array of stories, from some rehashes of a couple of old Robert Kanigher tales to Golden and Silver Age reprints.  Cardy captured a moment from a few of these issues, and got to draw some whacky situations.

Finally, Cardy drew the cover to Wonder Woman #216, a team-up with Black Canary:


At this point in the series, Wonder Woman had to prove herself to each individual member of the Justice League so she could rejoin the team.  It was a clever plot to boost sales by including a big guest star in each issue.  In this one, Black Canary learned all about the Amazons.

Decades later, Cardy provided this pin-up for Wonder Woman #120, the ten year anniversary issue of Wonder Woman’s relaunch in 1987.  It’s a different look than his past art, and it weirdly has sort of a Lisa Frank vibe to me:


Cardy also had ties to the wider Wonder Woman universe.  He drew the cover to Brave and the Bold #60, the first appearance of Wonder Girl as a member of the Teen Titans:


And he continued to draw her regular adventures with the team when the Teen Titans series launched the following year.

It’s always sad to lose a well known comic book icon, though living to 93 is a pretty impressive run.  While Cardy wasn’t best known for his work on Wonder Woman, he was a part of a key moment in her history and I’m sure his covers are remembered fondly by many Wonder Woman fans.

CW’s Amazon Not Picked Up, WB’s Justice League Movie On Hold OR This Is Why We Don’t Get Our Hopes Up

January 29, 2013


If you were looking forward to seeing a live action Wonder Woman any time soon, either on the small screen in the CW’s Amazon TV show or on the big screen in a Justice League movie, this just isn’t your day.  We’ve got some bad news on both fronts.

First, the CW has announced its list of new pilots for Fall 2013, and Amazon isn’t one of them.  Written by Allan Heinberg and focusing on the early days of Wonder Woman, the project had gotten a lot of press but didn’t make the pilot list.  This isn’t even the list of shows that are going to get picked up.  These are the shows that MIGHT get picked up if the pilots go over well with network brass.  It’s a preliminary step, and Amazon doesn’t even have that.

However, it looks like the plan is to roll the show over to next year, for Fall 2014 or maybe a bit earlier if they’re particularly excited about the project as it continues to develop.  Arrow is doing really well for the CW, and they seem committed to expanding that brand, so they’re going to give the show more time.  The project isn’t cancelled so much as postponed, though as always with live action Wonder Woman news I caution you not to get your hopes up too high.


If that wasn’t enough, Variety reports that the Justice League movie, co-starring Wonder Woman and written by the dude who wrote the widely panned Gangster Squad, is on hold until Warner Bros. gets a look at how well Man of Steel does at the box office.  So I suppose that means there’s a possibility that if the movie underperforms, there might not even be a Justice League movie.  At the very least, it will probably be delayed.  It’s slated for some time in 2015, but if they’re waiting another six months for Man of Steel to come out then the schedule might get pushed back.

So yeah, double bummer on the live action Wonder Woman front.  And, just to add insult to injury, Young Justice was cancelled yesterday so if you were digging the animated Wonder Girl you’re hosed there too.  They can’t not make some sort of live action Wonder Woman forever, right?  It’s been almost forty years since Lynda Carter.  It’s got to happen at some point!!  Though this is the sort of thinking that leads to disappointment.  Hopes, stay down!!

Wonder Girl, Batgirl, Bumblebee, And Miss Martian Team-Up On Young Justice: Invasion

May 27, 2012

On this week’s episode of Young Justice: Invasion, it was an all-girl team-up, with Wonder Girl, Batgirl, Bumblebee, and Miss Martian infiltrating a base in Bialya, the home country of the villainous Queen Bee.  Of course, we most care about Wonder Girl, the only Wonder-person doing anything outside of comics these days.  Nightwing tries to relay the plan, but keener Wonder Girl knows it already.  Sneak in, see if there are bombs, and sneak out:

The reason behind the all-girl team leads to the best exchange of the night:

NIGHTWING: Bialya’s dictator, Queen Bee, is another story.  Her ability to control the minds of men is why Alpha is an all-female squad for this mission.

BATGIRL: Oh, really?  And would you have felt the need to justify an all-MALE squad for a given mission?

NIGHTWING: [coughs] There’s no right answer for that, uh, is there?  So… Nightwing out.

BATGIRL: Queen Bee isn’t the only woman who can mess with a man’s mind.

Once in Bialya, Wonder Girl is disappointed to get lookout duty because of her lack of stealth skills.  She’s more smash and grab, and is bummed out:

But of course, once the mission begins, Psimon and a bunch of goons show up.  Wonder Girl sneaks in and warns Miss Martian, but gets intercepted by Devastation:

And then she escapes, because she’s pretty epic.  I mean, check out this bullet deflection… it’s coming at her:

And BAM:

Once freed, the whole team is fixing to rescue a bunch of kidnapped kids when OH NO the goons tear the wings off their airplane and they’re nosediving!!  Wonder Girl slows the plane down as best she can:

And then Miss Martian grabs the plane with her awesome martian ship and there is much rejoicing:

All in all, the mission took a bad turn but ended up being a big success AND Wonder Girl got to bust up a bunch of bad guys.  It was a pretty good time, and it was fun to see Wonder Girl get some more screen time again so soon in the season.  Plus we got a second of Marina Sirtis as Queen Bee at the end of the show!!  Deanna Troi popping in is always sweet.  This new season of Young Justice is pretty bizarre with it’s big time jump and all, but I’m kind of digging it so far.  Check back here for more screencaps next time Wonder Girl has another big episode!!

Wonder Girl On Young Justice: Invasion

April 29, 2012

Season two of Young Justice premiered this weekend, and is apparently titled Young Justice: Invasion now.  There were some BIG surprises, which I’ll mention later after a spoiler warning, but one of the most exciting changes is that Wonder Girl is on the show now!!  And I’ve got some pictures, of course.  First up is Wonder Girl after she punched Lobo in the stomach hard enough to create a shockwave that blew out all the windows in the room:

Here she is, learning she gets to be on the alpha team for their new mission:

And finally, it’s Wonder Girl with her team-up partner versus Lobo and another awesome new female addition to the team, Batgirl:

So Wonder Girl is quite obviously the Cassie Sandsmark version.  Blonde hair, black shirt, red pants… it’s clearly this gal:

No goggles, though.  Too bad.  I always liked the goggles. 

I’d been sort of hoping for Donna Troy, but Cassie is super cool too, and I can understand going with her… Donna’s backstory is somewhat, shall we say, convoluted.  Cassie might fit in a bit better, and allow them to do the teenage superhero with a normal home sort of stories they seem to like doing.

Anyway, she was pretty great!!  As I said earlier, she nailed a Khal Drogo looking Lobo square in the gut and brought the main man to his knees.  When he called her a “keezy femme”, she replied:

Yeah, yeah… “keezy femme”.  I’ve been called worse… I think?

And then socked him with a nice uppercut.  Lobo threw her around quite a bit, but she stood her ground and always came back at him.  She’s most definitely feisty, and has her own lasso and some bullet deflecting bracelets so she should be a fantastic addition to the team.  Plus she’s played by Mae Whitman, who was Roxy Richter in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World!!!!

Another reason they might have gone with Cassie is because…




… the season jumps ahead five years!!  Robin is Nightwing now!!  Tim Drake is the new Nightwing!!  Zatanna and Rocket are in the Justice League!!  And Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Artemis are AWOL in the first episode back, which is very mysterious.

But yeah, in the five years since the last episode, it looks like Superboy and Miss Martian have broken up because she’s now dating Lagoon Boy, so now they can fire up a Superboy/Wonder Girl romance like in the comics.  You know they’re going to go there.

Wonder Girl was really fun, and this new season is off to a CRAZY start!!  It’s going to be a good time a) dealing with an alien invasion, and b) finding out what happened in those five years.  Young Justice: Invasion airs on Saturday mornings as part of DC Nation on the Cartoon Network.  And it looks like next week part of the team goes to Rann with Adam Strange!!  How awesome is that?!  You should definitely watch it.

Wonder Woman On Young Justice, For Two Whole Seconds!!

November 5, 2011

I’m assuming that something must be up with the Wonder Woman rights, because I don’t think she’s been on Young Justice since the premiere.  Tons of other Justice League members are on regularly, and awesomely so (Rob Lowe’s Captain Marvel was spectacular), including pretty much every big name, but there’s barely any Wonder Woman.  Until tonight, that is!!  In the episode, entitled “Failsafe”, the earth is invaded by nefarious aliens, and the ENTIRE Justice League got wiped out!!  Lucky for us, this involved a lot of fun explodey scenes with cool heroes, including Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman lassoed one of the alien ships, as you can see from her killer grip and fierce determination in this screengrab:

She then swung the ship around as if it weighed nothing at all, sending it spiraling into another ship:

After which she smiled to herself in celebration:

And then she got zapped by another alien ship and disappeared.

Everything got resolved in the end, of course, but it was pretty crazy there for a while.  It was fun to have her pop by the show… Young Justice has been especially good since it came back from hiatus.  They’re even making Miss Martian stronger and more bad ass.  I hope Wonder Woman’s appearance signals that we’ll get a Wonder Girl of some sort on the team soon.

Also, next week: New Genesis!!  That’s going to be super cool!!

A Book Look: Kanigher’s Giant Birds

January 10, 2011

The Silver Age was a whacky, fantastical time.  The campy adventures brought about by the impressively strict Comics Code Authority in 1954 removed any lingering World War Two era grittiness from superhero comics.  Thus, Lois Lane often encountered new technologies that made her severely overweight or gave her the head of a cat, while Batman sported all manner of new costumes, including zebra and rainbow models.  It was a silly time.

Kanigher, the writer of Wonder Woman throughout the entire Silver Age, totally embodied the vibe of this period.  He relished Wonder Woman’s mythological origins, and came up with all manner of bizarre beasts for her to battle.  Kanigher tried to mix it up, with cannibal clams and sphinx creatures and the like, but his favourite go-to foe was the giant bird.  I have no idea why, but he went back to the giant bird well over and over and over.

Nothing better encapsulates the essence of Silver Age Wonder Woman stories than the fact that Wonder Woman had to battle six specifically different types of giant birds in a twenty issue span.  It was giant birds ALL the time, and I’ll enumerate them now for your infotainment:

Wonder Woman #101: Pterodactyl

Wonder Woman and Steve get trapped in a creepy amusement park fun house, where a dastardly villain transports them to a world full of dinosaurs.  Right away, a giant pterodactyl is all over them, and of course a spectacular battle ensues (their escape involves lassoing a flaming meteor).

Wonder Woman #105: The Eagle of Space

Steve is sent on a space mission in a new rocket ship, but gets ensnared of the beak of the massive eagle of space.  The bird is from Saturn’s moon, Titan, and flew to Earth on cosmic jet streams… Titan even has cave people, but then Wonder Woman totally violates the Prime Directive and telepathically teaches them all about Earth technology.

Wonder Woman #113: Roc

A roc is a giant mythical bird, and here it has interrupted Wonder Girl’s birthday party and stolen her cake.  Obviously that’s not cool at all, so Wonder Girl sets off after the roc, but ultimately the giant bird drops the cake into the ocean where it’s eaten by a whale. 

Wonder Woman #114: Giant Bird Balloon

Wonder Woman is attending a parade, when all of a sudden the giant balloon floats come to life.  Among the floats is this giant, spotted bird who comes after the invisible plane, but Wonder Woman cleverly dives into a gorge and the balloon bird scrapes along its rocky sides and pops.

Wonder Woman #119: Generic “Huge Flying Monster”

What this creature lacks in naming specificity it makes up for in danger!!  Mer-Boy is trying to win a fishing contest so he can give the prize to Wonder Girl (though I don’t know why mer-people would engage in a fishing contest… that seems like a catastrophe in the making), but his over-enthusiastic cast snares a huge flying monster.  Luckily, Wonder Girl was nearby and rescued him.

Wonder Woman #121: Dimorphodon

Mer-Boy has the worst luck with giant birds.  He and Wonder Girl had just swam through a time portal in a sunken ship and ended up in the age of the dinosaurs, and right away the poor dude was snatched up.  He really needs to learn to stay under the sea.  Wonder Girl again saves him, and the Hippolyta leads the Amazons in an epic space battle… it’s a weird (but AWESOME) issue.

What is most impressive about these six giant birds in twenty issues is that I’m only counting the times a NEW type of giant bird is mentioned.  There are several OTHER rocs and pterodactyls throughout this span… I’m only pointing out one instance of each sort of giant bird!!  Kanigher was completely out of hand with his use of massive avian foes, but this abundance of colossal winged enemies perfectly captures the wall-to-wall ridiculousness of the Silver Age.  It may not have been the best of eras, qualitywise, but it was certainly lots of fun.

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