Bored To Death, Now With Amazons

Tonight on HBO’s Bored To Death, Jonathan, Ray, and George all headed to the Brooklyn Comic Con, and who did they meet but Wonder Woman: George’s immediate response upon seeing her: Yeah, I… I have to go to talk to her.  I’ve always had this thing for Wonder Woman. And Jonathan’s reply: But I thoughtContinue reading “Bored To Death, Now With Amazons”

Troubles of a Male Wonder Woman Fan: T-Shirts

I love nerd t-shirts.  They’re practically the only shirts I wear, and I have shirts for everything cool: Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, Scott Pilgrim, Star Trek, Doctor Who… pretty much everything that is awesome.  I even have a rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock shirt, which I have to explain regularly.  But what I’d reallyContinue reading “Troubles of a Male Wonder Woman Fan: T-Shirts”

Straczynski’s Departure Update

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, J. Michael Straczynski had this to say about his current monthly storylines: As far as I know, it’s going to stay on course. I gave DC an issue-by-issue breakdown of all 12 issues, so they could plan covers and solicitations, and they’re going to work off that forContinue reading “Straczynski’s Departure Update”

That Was Quick

J. Michael Straczynski is off Wonder Woman as of Wonder Woman #605.  It seems that with the success of the Superman: Earth One graphic novel, DC wants him working flat-out writing the sequel.  He is off the monthly Superman series as well, and while The Brave and the Bold hasn’t come out since July, IContinue reading “That Was Quick”

What Is Crazy Freaking Awesome?

Wonder Woman was on Jeopardy last night!!  The question… no, answer… wait… quanswer?  Anyway, it was about DC’s new online role playing game, and featured a video of Wonder Woman fighting a large robot (Metallo maybe?) and ripping it’s head off.  Here is a screen grab of the triumphant Wonder Woman: Note the shoulder padsContinue reading “What Is Crazy Freaking Awesome?”

Why Aren’t They Drawing Wonder Woman? Cliff Chiang

From time to time, we will look at artists who are awesome and should be drawing Wonder Woman on a monthly basis.* Today, Cliff Chiang!! Oh man I love Cliff Chiang.  He’s drawn such titles as DC Comics’ Doctor 13: Architecture and Morality (written by Brian Azzarello, but not at all dark and gritty likeContinue reading “Why Aren’t They Drawing Wonder Woman? Cliff Chiang”

Do Wonder Woman Underoos Make the Difference?

Lynda Carter was on Fox & Friends Monday morning, promoting her new album and talking about David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman TV show (you can watch it here). Some highlights included: Carter chastising Megan Fox for trashing Wonder Woman. Carter clarifying that she invented the Wonder Woman spin, but not spinning generally (a reasonable clarification,Continue reading “Do Wonder Woman Underoos Make the Difference?”