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Wonder Woman #21 Preview OR Cliff Chiang Is Drawing The WHOLE Thing!

June 19, 2013

Sorry to be late getting up this preview!  The Los Angeles Times “Hero Complex” blog has had it up since Monday, but here it is for your viewing pleasure now before you pick up the issue today.  Let’s take a look:






Do you see who drew the issue, the WHOLE issue?  Cliff Chiang!!  The whole shebang, every page and the cover!  And it looks fantastic.  Plus there’s going to be a huge fight, plus I didn’t have to wade through any pages of what’s going on up on Mount Olympus.  This is what I want from my Wonder Woman comic, gorgeous art with Wonder Woman at the center of it.  Cliff Chiang just makes me happy.

So yeah, pick up the issue today!!  Blah blah blah First Born blah blah blah fight, who cares?  Chiang is drawing it all.  It’s going to be great!

DC Announces Superman/Wonder Woman Series OR Why Not Just Call It Superman’s Girlfriend Wonder Woman?

June 18, 2013

Yesterday, IGN broke the news that DC is launching a new series in October called Superman/Wonder Woman.  Written by Charles Soule with art by Tony Daniel, the book “will serve to explore the budding relationship between the DCU’s most powerful heroes.”  Here’s a look at a preview piece by Daniel:


If you’re at all familiar with this site, you know that I’m not a fan of the Wonder Woman/Superman relationship, so news of this book isn’t making me too happy.  I’m all for Wonder Woman finally having a second title, but not like this.  I have some thoughts:

1) Superman is first, which annoys me.  I know he’s got the big movie and everything, and he’s the bigger draw, but he’s first EVERY time DC mentions the relationship.  It’s always “Superman and Wonder Woman”, and never “Wonder Woman and Superman”.  And now that’ll be cemented in comic book form.

2) Wonder Woman hasn’t had a regular second series since the Truman administration (or the St. Laurent administration, for my fellow Canadians).  Queen Elizabeth was still a princess when Wonder Woman last starred in Sensation Comics.  After six decades of progress for equal rights and such, Wonder Woman finally gets a second title and she’s a) second fiddle, and b) the main star’s girlfriend.

3) The promo art isn’t a cool, kick ass team up, or something dramatic and striking like Jae Lee’s upcoming Batman/Superman covers.  Nope, it’s a kiss.  Yet another kiss, in fact… it seems that’s all we see them do.  Somedays, counting all the New 52 art where Wonder Woman is kissing some dude, it seems that’s all DC thinks Wonder Woman is good for.  They’re superheroes.  It’s a superhero comic.  The promo art for Batman/Superman wasn’t something indicative of their personal relationship, like Bruce and Clark watching football on a couch together or something.  It was all black and white and heroic and cool, and a different image for each hero even.  But Superman/Wonder Woman is all about the romance.

4) Have you read any stories with this romance?  It’s rough stuff, entirely lacking the appeal of pretty much every other relationship each of them has ever had.  Wonder Woman’s guest arc in Batwoman had more sexual tension than any Wonder Woman/Superman story I’ve read yet.

5) “Exploring the budding relationship…” is just a terrible pitch.  Again, it’s a superhero comic.  What are they actually going to do in it?  Who’s the bad guy?  What’s the first solicit going to be? “The DCU’s two most powerful heroes face their greatest challenge yet: their fear of intimacy!  Can they work through their feelings to find the true love they’ve always wanted but have been afraid to have?”

6) What about Lois?  She’s barely around in comics, despite the HUGE movie they just released.  The Superman/Clark/Lois love triangle has been a great source of stories for ages, and has played out in a lot of fun ways.  Lois on her own is a fantastic character, and I think she deserves her own book, but something with Superman makes a lot of sense even if it didn’t have a thing to do with romance.

7) I was hoping Trinity War would involve them breaking up, so now I’m just bummed.

Now, while I’m not enthused for this series, I should make it clear that my problem is with the series itself and the folks in editorial who thought this was a good idea, not the creators.  I haven’t read much from Charles Soule yet, but I’ve heard fantastic things, and Tony Daniel is a solid artist who’s done some nice work at DC over the years.  I just think everything about this relationship is so dull and silly, and a whole book about it seems rather unappealing.

So yeah, this is dumb and I am annoyed, but I’m not at all shocked.  DC and I just aren’t seeing eye to eye when it comes to their treatment of ladies, real and fictional.  I think there should be more of them, in powerful and prominent roles.  They seem to think that ladies = romance, and turned Wonder Woman into Superman’s girlfriend.  And that’s how it’s read so far.  Superman’s not Wonder Woman’s boyfriend; Superman is Superman, and Wonder Woman is his girlfriend.  Anyway, look for the book and my review in October.  It might be quite a scene.

Cover And Solicit For Smallville Season 11 #18 Costarring Wonder Woman

June 13, 2013

In all the Villain Month excitement, with all of its new fiendish protagonists and lack of female creators or characters, I completely forgot that Wonder Woman is guest starring in a Smallville Season 11 arc.  I got The Cheetah and First Born issues up, but missed the one that actually has Wonder Woman front and center on the cover.  Let’s right that now:


On sale SEPTEMBER 11 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T • DIGITAL FIRST
Superman and new ally Diana race to stop magickal terrorist Felix Faust from launching an attack on the nation’s capital. Meanwhile, Lois launches an attack of her own by digging into the shadowy connection between Faust and the new Department of Extra-Normal Operations.

Aside from spelling magic with a “k” at the end, this sounds like a lot of fun.  Felix Faust as the villain should be a good time, and it should also really allow Diana to shine seeing as Superman doesn’t do well with magic.

I’m also curious to see the Smallville take on Felix Faust.  He usually looks like quite a doofus, with his robes and his weird hat.  There’s lots of interesting ways they could contemporize him and give him a more mainstream look.

Speaking of which, we’ve got a better look at Diana’s outfit here, and they definitely haven’t retained much of the classic Wonder Woman outfit.  I didn’t expect they would; after all, it took nine years to see Clark put on the Superman costume.  While there’s no tiara, lasso, or star spangled briefs, the bracelets are there, and there’s a “W” on her shirt that hints at her future role.  Perhaps by the end of the arc we’ll see a full costume.

Finally, I just want to point out that the cover is by Cat Staggs, one of the few female creators working at DC in September, and the only one doing any art whatsoever outside of Vertigo (where Yuko Shimizu does covers for The Unwritten).

Look for Smallville Season 11 #17 on September 11 in comic shops everywhere, and digital versions before then if you can’t stand the wait.  I’m excited to check this arc out.  I think it could be fun.

Wonder Woman Sales: #20 Returns To Normal Levels After An Abnormal April

June 11, 2013


Wonder Woman #19 shot up more than 20% last month, boosted by a “We Can Be Heroes” variant, and as expected those massive gains were only temporary.  While the losses this month look big compared to April, they’re actually relatively decent in terms of how the book was tracking beforehand, and the series remains reasonably steady.  In May 2013, Wonder Woman #20 was in 59th place on the sales charts with 37,132 copies sold, a drop of 20.1% from last month.  Here are the numbers for the issue, and the five issues previous:


NOTE: The average sales total is based on all of the available sales data, which currently comprises every issue of the series since September 1996, for 193 issues in total.  The average rank isn’t given because rank is dependent on what other books came out that month, and that’s such a variable that an average really wouldn’t mean anything.

So we’re back to normal now, and in fairly decent shape.  Compared to the March numbers, the last normal month for Wonder Woman, the series is up a spot on the charts and fell only 3.3%.  Over two months, that’s a decline of about 1.6% a month, which is very much in the ballpark of the standard attrition we expect to see from any regular series.

Among DC’s books, Wonder Woman ranked 23rd, down only one spot from March.  Considering that Aquaman and Justice League of America double shipped in May and that two one-time annuals ranked high on the charts, along with high numbers for the debut of The Wake, dropping only one spot is pretty good.  If we get a regular schedule next month without annuals or double shipping, Wonder Woman could go up even further among DC titles in June.

Wonder Woman had the biggest drop among DC titles, coming off a huge April, but not a lot of books had a great month.  Of the Top 25 books, only Detective Comics, Batman Incorporated, and one of the Aquamans were up, and of the 19 books that were down, only 5 fell less than 4%.  Wonder Woman’s drop over TWO months is less that the vast majority of DC books fell in just this one month.  

All together, Wonder Woman seems pretty stable when you set aside the April craziness.  The only issue is that it’s very near its historical average, which isn’t a big deal in any meaningful way; it’s more symbolic than anything else.  Nonetheless, it’s been rather fun to have a Wonder Woman series selling above average for so long, especially after a couple years of really rough sales before the New 52 relaunch.

June will be the test of the book’s stability moving forward.  May was a restabilizing month after an odd April, and hopefully the series remains in the realm of standard attrition as it builds to what’s looking like a big pre-Villain Month finale in August.

Prediction For Next Month: Last month I thought that Wonder Woman would drop harder than it did, and I was glad to be wrong about that.  I think for June we’ll see a drop just under 2%, for sales of about 36,450.  Check back next month to see how I did!

Wonder Woman Villains Month Issues Starring Cheetah And The First Born Revealed

June 6, 2013

DC Comics recently announced that all of their New 52 comics in September would feature villains taking over the title for the month.  The distribution so far has been a little odd, with several titles getting multiple villains books (four each for Batman, Batman and Robin, Batman: The Dark Knight, AND Detective Comics, for example) and other titles nowhere to be seen.  As DC released new solicits each day this week, I was starting to worry about Wonder Woman getting any books, but lo and behold she’s got two.

Courtesy of Uproxx’s “Gamma Squad” section, we’ve got a look at the two Wonder Woman titles we’ll see in September.  First up is Wonder Woman #23.1: The Cheetah, written by John Ostrander with art by Victor Ibanez:


Ostrander is an old pro, so he’s an interesting choice for the book.  Given that we’ve seen the Cheetah in Justice League already, I’m assuming this book will tie more into that take on Wonder Woman than what Azzarello and Chiang are up to on the monthly series.  Here’s a plot description:

The Cheetah has clawed her way out of Belle Reve, and is hungry for blood—but before she steps up as one of the Secret Society’s most powerful generals, she has a personal score to settle! Learn the truth about the cult of Hippolyta, her vendetta against Wonder Woman, and just how far she’ll go to prove that she’s the most dangerous predator on Earth!

Part of the reason I think the Cheetah book will have more of a Justice League vibe is because the second issue, Wonder Woman #23.2: First Born ties directly into the monthly book.  Written by Brian Azzarello and drawn by Alex Cal, Azzarello says that the issue was an organic outgrowth of what they’ve been doing with Wonder Woman this year that will fill in some backstory:


And here’s the plot:

The First Born son of Zeus—Wonder Woman’s oldest brother—has returned to claim the throne of Olympus! But it’s been a long and bloody road to reach his destiny…and you won’t believe the horror when you meet the rest of Wonder Woman’s extended “family”!

Both issues should have the fancy 3D covers DC’s been going on about that could actually be quite cool if they turn out as good as they sound, but how do you have sweet 3D covers and not get Cliff Chiang drawing them?!  Ball dropped there, majorly.  Chiang’s covers are one of the best parts of Wonder Woman each month.  Also, if these issues match the rest of the “Villains Month” books, the price will go up to $3.99 each instead of the usual $2.99.  I guess 3D isn’t cheap.

I’m not sure on release dates yet, but they’ll be out in September.  I’d assume the first and third weeks, but that’s just a guess.  They didn’t post full solicits.  Anyway, it should be an interesting little experiment.

Saturday Evening Post Style Wonder Woman Art By Ruiz Burgos

June 4, 2013


I saw this on The Mary Sue’s tumblr page the other day, and thought it was very cool.  It’s a piece by a Spanish artist named Ruiz Burgos (you can see his DeviantArt page here) that captures the feel of Norman Rockwell’s classic Saturday Evening Post covers.  It shows a bit more leg than Rockwell ever did, perhaps, but still.  Wonder Woman talking with a little girl is always a cute scene, and Burgos draws it well.  It’s a nice looking bike, too.  The magazine details are also impressive.

SIDENOTE: When I first read “5c. the Copy” I thought it looked odd and that perhaps the Spanish artist had an English snafu, but then I looked it up and it’s actually correct.  What an odd way to list the price!

Anyway, it’s a cool piece.  I like a good retro Wonder Woman.

Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines Documentary Is Now Available On iTunes

May 29, 2013


In April, PBS aired Kristy Guevara-Flanagan’s fantastic documentary Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines after a very successful tour of festivals and conventions.  It was great that it was able to reach a wider audience, both in terms of folks with PBS and later all of America when the documentary went up online at the PBS website.  Now, if you were neither a PBS viewer nor in America, there’s great news: Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines is now available on iTunes!

Listed through something called the “Kevin Smith Movie Club”, the documentary is only $9.99 to buy or $4.99 to rent and is available worldwide.  If you haven’t seen it yet and you’re a fan of Wonder Woman, I highly recommend checking it out.  If you need some more convincing, you can read my glowing review of the film.  I thought it was very well done, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

So now you can check out Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines anywhere in the world!  I hope you do.


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