Wonder Woman #5 Preview: Off To Rescue Steve. Again.

Wonder Woman saving Steve Trevor is a plotline as old as Wonder Woman herself. It’s how her first ever issue started after all, with Steve crashing his plane on Paradise Island and Diana rushing over to rescue him. Now, nearly 75 years later, Steve’s in trouble again. And he’s not worried in the slightest, because he knows that Wonder Woman will be along sooner or later to set him free. Revelist has the preview of this week’s Wonder Woman #5 by Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp, so let’s take a look:








First off, is that Sasha Bordeaux? Well played, Greg Rucka. I love a writer who doesn’t forget his favourite characters and works them into other projects where applicable. It’s a good time; it serves as a fun easter egg for long time readers and a nice introduction to an enjoyable character for new fans.

As for the peek at the story, it’s got some fun banter and such, but for a storyline called “The Lies” it seems like we’ve been waiting a long time to actually dig into the lies. While we’ve had some fun with the Cheetah and we’ve got Steve who needs rescuing, this arc is allegedly about Wonder Woman’s dual life memories and finding out which are true and which are false. That’s what I’m most interested in, and in two and a third issues so far we’ve not dug into it too much. But we’ve got two thirds of this issue to come, so perhaps things will pick up on that end when we get the rest of the book on Wednesday. I certainly hope so because while “The Lies” hasn’t been bad, “Year One” has been AMAZING and the even numbered issues are blowing the odd numbered issues out of the water thus far.

Wonder Woman #5 is available in comic shops and online this Wednesday. Be sure to pick it up!


Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

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