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Superhero Angel Paper Craft Decorations, Including Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Ms. Marvel, and More!

December 22, 2015

I saw a cool classic style angel design on Buzzfeed this weekend and thought, “That’s fun! I bet I could make a Supergirl from that,” because I’m all about Supergirl as of late. The new show is the BEST. So I built myself a template based on what I saw and customized it to Supergirl, and quite liked it. Plus it was really fun to build. So I built more. And more and more. And ended up with ten superhero angels that are now decorating my home and making it all sorts of festive. Here’s what I ended up with!

1) TV Supergirl: Melissa Benoist is amazing, and I am all about that costume.



2) Wonder Woman: Because, of course. It’s me! Who else would you expect?



3) Batgirl of Burnside: It’s just the best costume.



4) 1970s Catwoman: A classic, and super rad.



5) Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan is maybe my favourite character in comics right now.



6) Lois Lane: With superpowers, as seen in some classic 60s stories.



7) Thor: I love me some Lady Thor. The comic is killer, and she’s so much fun.



8) Patsy Walker, aka. Hellcat: My pal Kate Leth has a new Patsy Walker series starting tomorrow with art by Brittney Williams and it looks AMAZING.



9) TV Hawkgirl: Such a cool character, and I can’t wait to see more of her in Legends of Tomorrow.



10) Maps Mizoguchi: AW YEAH MAPS!! If you don’t love Maps, then you just don’t have a soul.



If any of you happen to be interested in making angels of your own, here are all the PDFs for you. Just print them out, cut yourself a flap on one of the sides of the angel so you can stick it all together, fold it together and tape or glue it up! They’re really easy to put together. Yay for festive fun!

The PDFs:












Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #37 Review: “Echidna, Part 2” by Caitlin Kittredge and Scott Hampton

June 4, 2015


I enjoyed the first part of “Echidna” last week, and the finale this week turned out to be even more fun. The grim, grittiness of the first installment did an excellent job establishing the setting and the tone of the story, and while this issue continued in that vein there was also some comic relief added to the mix. I like a good moody tale, but a little levity is always welcome. One-note comics get old after a while.

It feels like Caitlin Kittredge had an absolute blast writing this comic. Last week’s issue was creepy and cool, but this issue was fun and occasionally over the top, in good ways. Looking back, the two issues feel like night and day in a lot of respects, and yet they absolutely work together as a whole. It’s a very well constructed storyline.

I’m always a little wary of guest stars in Sensation Comics, because they tend to overshadow Wonder Woman and take away her page time, but Kittredge finds a good balance here. While she introduced Batgirl at the end of part one, she uses her only sparingly here, keeping the focus on Wonder Woman and her efforts to rescue the monstrous children. Kittredge also brings in some charismatic villains, Harley Quinn and Professor Pyg, but again they don’t take over the book. Wonder Woman punching out Professor Pyg because she’s sick of listening to his ridiculousness is a particularly nice moment.

Harley Quinn is inherently a scene stealer, and her pages shine. Kittredge does a fantastic job writing her, and I was glad to see that Scott Hampton went with the classic costume. I didn’t realized how much I missed that classic costume until I noticed how right it felt to read the jokes coming out of that costume. The New 52 Harley Quinn was a mess for a while, and Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner have done a solid job of bringing back more of her iconic characterization, but you can’t beat that classic costume. It’s just not Harley Quinn to me without out. Anyway, Harley steals the spotlight a little bit, I suppose, but that’s what Harley Quinn does. And Wonder Woman handles her with great aplomb.

Hampton set up the creepy vibe of Gotham’s monstrous underbelly beautifully last week, and he continues that tone with more brightness and fun here, matching the changes in the story well. His Harley Quinn is great, bouncy and amusing with just the right hint of darkness, and I really liked his Professor Pyg, particularly his use of shadows with the mask. Even his Wonder Woman is growing on me. I was a bit critical of her depiction last week, but Hampton makes her less flat and more dynamic here. I think my increased enjoyment of his Wonder Woman is partly just adjusting to Hampton’s style and partly a few smart tweaks he made with this issue.

All together, “Echidna” was a very good installment of Sensation Comics. It was nice to have something different, both in tone and style, and the story really took advantage of the series’ mandate to tell Wonder Woman stories in any sort of continuity and style. There aren’t a lot of other places you do this story except for Sensation Comics, and I continue to be glad that it’s providing us with new and different Wonder Woman content each week. I still don’t know when this story will be printed. I double checked all of the Sensation Comics listings and this isn’t in it any of them, so it looks like it will be September at the earliest. Keep your eyes peeled for it, though. It’s a great read.

Wonder Woman Is Front And Center In Justice League #39 Variant Cover By Batgirl Artist Babs Tarr

February 3, 2015

I haven’t been keeping up with Justice League at all lately. Apparently something is going on with Amazo? I am out of the loop. But I’m seriously thinking about picking up this month’s issue because Justice League #39 has a Wonder Woman-centric variant cover by Babs Tarr. Tarr has been killing it each month on Batgirl, bringing new life to a series that had been generally dark and gloomy since the New 52 relaunch. New writers Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart have certainly helped matters, but Babs Tarr’s art perfectly captures the fun of the series’ new direction and is the highpoint of the book for me.

And now she’s drawn Wonder Woman! Harpy, the “fangirl headquarters” of Hitfix, has a look at her variant for Justice League #39:


First off, I’m all for any Justice League cover that puts Wonder Woman in the foreground, looking cool and bad ass, and sticks the fellows in a dark background. The guys have been the focal point of that book and its cover for way too long.

Second, Babs Tarr! She’s so good. I love that such a unique artist is working at DC now. I’m very bored of everyone trying to be Jim Lee, and it’s great to have someone who does her own thing with such skill in the mix.

Third, is this what Wonder Woman’s costume looks like in Justice League regularly? I’d heard that Jason Fabok had tweaked it some, but I haven’t got a good look at it yet. I like what I see here. It looks like a merger between her original New 52 costume and the movie costume that takes the best of both. I’m curious to see if it catches on elsewhere.

Justice League #39 hits comic shops on February 18, and it looks like it will be definitely worth picking up if only for this awesome variant cover. I might be buying the book for the first time in years; I think I bailed way back in the “Throne of Atlantis” arc. And hey, maybe the inside will be fun, too. You never know.

My Top 11 Comics Of 2014

December 31, 2014

I’ve been brainstorming my top comics of the year for a few weeks now, making notes when I thought of a book I really liked, and I’ve been slowly amassing a really decent list of titles. Then I sat down to figure out my top ten (which turned into a top eleven because there were too many good books!), going “Okay, I like this one the best, then this…” until I had a definite list. I did this entirely on gut feeling, based on how much I liked these books, with no agenda whatsoever. Here’s what I’ve ended up with: Seven of my top eleven books feature female writers and/artists, while my top eight books star female characters. I know I run women in comics stats and talk about increasing female representation in the industry all the time, but this gal-filled list was entirely unintentional. Ladies, real and fictional, have just been killing it this year.

So here are my top eleven comics for 2014. Now, I didn’t read everything, but I sure read a lot, and it was a great year for comics all around. Also, a quick note: I like to pick new books rather than just reiterate all of the things I liked last year. So Saga and Sex Criminals and everything else I talked about last year are still great, but this is an all new list of my favourite comics. Let’s get into it:

11) ODY-C by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward


Gender-swapped mythology is pretty much everything I could ever want in a comic book, and I’ve been really looking forward to this series, but I wasn’t prepared for how impactful it was to read a female Odysseus. I found it weirdly powerful to see her, and so many other women, at the center of such a legendary story. On top of that, it’s a really cool, crazy comic book. The first issue was a blast, and I can’t wait to see where it goes in 2015.

10) The Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg


This is the history of the world before our world, and it is big and bizarre and brilliant. I picked up this book on a lark at my local library, and I’m very glad I did. Technically it came out in late 2013, but the rules for this list aren’t terribly hard and fast. This book is hilarious, clever, fun, and most of all unique, and I highly recommend it.

9) East of West by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta


Okay, so this is a Western, but it’s also science fiction, set in an alternate version of the United States and starring the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. If you think that sounds awesome, you and I could probably be friends. And it IS awesome. It’s violent and bonkers and embraces all of its inspirations while doing completely new and fantastic things with them. It’s also absolutely gorgeous. I just grin from ear to ear when I read this book.

8) Thor by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman


I fell out of the Thor loop a couple years ago after being a regular reader during Matt Fraction’s tenure, but I jumped back on board out of curiousity about the new female Thor and am loving it so far. The new Thor trying to figure out how to be Thor in the midst of battles with Frost Giants is all kinds of fun, and I’m enjoying the slow burn on the big mystery of who this new Thor actually is. Plus that costume is super cool. The writing and art are both solid, and it’s been a guaranteed good time each month.

7) Batgirl: Futures End #1 by Gail Simone and Javier Garron


I was not at all a fan of the “Futures End” event, and I didn’t really keep up with Gail Simone’s Batgirl, but this issue promised the return of both the Stephanie Brown AND Cass Cain Batgirl, so I was all over this issue. It did not disappoint. It was so much fun to have both characters back, along with a new Batgirl, however briefly. While it was just a one-shot set in a hypothetical future, this comic had loads of heart and humour along with some much-missed characters.

6) Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro


There’s only been one issue of Bitch Planet thus far, but oh wow what a first issue it was. It was a total punch in the face, in the best way. The book is set in a not too distant future where non-compliant women are sent to a prison planet. It’s a feminist riff on exploitation films with sharp, cutting writing and gritty, beautiful art. It’s brutal but thought provoking, depressing but hilarious. If you haven’t read it yet, you absolutely should.

5) Edge of Spider-Verse #2 by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez


This should have been awful. I generally hate Spider-Man, so an event with ALL of the Spider-People was the last thing I was interested in. And bringing back Gwen Stacey just seemed ridiculous. Then I saw the amazing costume, and that Gwen was in a band called the Mary Janes, and I was intrigued. I loved the book, loved the character, loved the writing and the art. Everything about it was fun and great and I’m so excited for the new ongoing series. No one was cooler this year than Spider-Gwen.

4) This One Summer by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki


As someone who spent their summers at a family cottage, This One Summer was totally up my alley to begin with. The engaging story and lovely artwork perfectly capture everything that’s weird and wonderful about summers at the cottage, and on top of that it’s a beautifully told story of friendship and adolescence. It’s no wonder that it won a Governor General Award; it’s richly deserved.

3) Lumberjanes by Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson, and Brooke Allen


Friendship to the max! Lumberjanes is an absolute blast to read, every single month. You’d think that gals in a summer camp getting up to whacky hijinks might get a little bit stale after a while, but each issue is more fun than the last. The book is chockfull of hilarious adventures, but the core of the title is the friendships of all the girls and their commitment to each other. If this book doesn’t make you happy, then you just don’t have a heart.

2) Gotham Academy by Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, and Karl Kerschl


The Bat-line has been mixing it up in fun ways this year, with a fantastic new team on Catwoman and a wonderful revamp of Batgirl, but Gotham Academy is my favourite thing to come out of DC this year. The book is basically Harry Potter set in Gotham City, but somewhat less magical. Not entirely un-magical, though; something is definitely afoot! Olive Silverlock is a great protagonist, but her optimistic, adventurer pal Maps Mizoguchi gets my vote for best new character of the year. The cast is great, the writing is awesome, and the art is spectacular. Gotham Academy is killing it on every single level.

1) Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona


I think it’s fantastic that Ms. Marvel exists. It’s a mainstream comic with a star who is a Muslim-American, non-white, female teenager; ALL of these demographics are massively underrepresented in superhero comics. Even if it sucked, I’d be happy they tried it. Luckily, it’s amazing. It was no contest for me to pick my favourite comic of the year. Ms. Marvel has been killing it from its very first issue, telling kick ass superhero stories in new and exciting ways. It’s ridiculously fun to read every month, and instantly goes to the top of my pile every time I get comics. It’s “important”, yeah, but more than that it’s just epicly good comic booking. If you aren’t reading this book, do yourself a personal favour and go check it out.

So there you have it, my top eleven comic books for 2014! Feel free to disagree and list your own favourite books in the comments. I’m always glad to hear about what cool stuff I may have missed over the year.

Check Out The Wonder Woman Covers For February’s Harley Quinn Variant Month

November 14, 2014

In what is a rather smart move to capitalize on the popularity of one of their most successful characters, DC Comics has announced their next variant cover theme: Harley Quinn. The covers will debut in February, and both New 52 Wonder Woman series will be part of the line. With some excellent artists, too!

First up, Phil Jimenez has drawn the variant cover for Wonder Woman #39, with Hi-Fi on colours. Let’s take a look, courtesy of Newsarama:


Jimenez is beloved by the Wonder Woman fan community for his excellent run on the book years back, and it’s always fun to have him return to the character. This cover is a good laugh, with Harley besting Diana to become the new Wonder Woman with the help of her comically over-sized hammer. It’s very cute.

Next up is Superman/Wonder Woman #16, by Francis Manapul, courtesy of Comic Book Resources:


I love Manapul’s art, and this cover is just lovely. Somehow, the Superman/Wonder Woman variants we’ve seen over the past year from a variety of great artists sell me on their relationship more than the comics inside ever have. Manapul’s captured something very nice here, with Harley coming along to spoil the party, as always. This is a great one too!

Finally, just for the fun of it, former Wonder Woman artist Cliff Chiang has done a variant cover for Batgirl #39, and it’s fantastic. I miss you so much, Cliff!!


He’s just the best.

Look for all of these variants this February, and as always with variants it’s probably best to talk to your local comic shop ahead of time and get them to set one aside for you if there are any you’re keen on. They tend to go pretty quick.

Some Fun Alternatives To DC Comics’ Terrible New Superman/Wonder Woman Shirt

September 30, 2014

Yesterday, I did a post about an awful new shirt featuring Superman and Wonder Woman. This terrible shirt is a real thing, available for purchase now:

I then mocked up a bunch of fake shirts, poking fun at DC’s penchant for sexist clothing, attempting to make each shirt more offensive than the last. Turns out, DC products are so generally ridiculous that a few people were confused as to whether my intentionally awful shirts were real or fake, which is a sad commentary on DC’s shirt line.

While making my bad shirts, I kept having ideas for fun shirts, so I mocked up a bunch of those and put them on Twitter. They went over pretty well, so I’ve collected them here.

First up was this alternative to DC’s “Training to be Batman’s wife” shirt:


This turned out to be similar to a real shirt that DC makes, and that sits on shelves next to their horribly sexist offerings.

Next was Lois Lane’s reaction to DC’s Superman/Wonder Woman shirt:


Then something with the Bat-ladies:


Mera speaking her mind:


Wonder Woman’s morning routine:


And finally, Supergirl shaking it off:


I really wish that last one was real. I would definitely wear that.

Anyway, call me DC! I will happily sell you my designs so you can stop putting out such offensive apparel, and for a reasonable fee, I promise. I’ll even give you the last one for free, because I want it to be real. Hit me up!

Double Review: Wonder Woman: Futures End #1 And Superman/Wonder Woman: Futures End #1

September 19, 2014


This week, as part of DC Comic’s September “Futures End” event, we got a two-part story from writer Charles Soule that spanned Wonder Woman: Futures End #1 and Superman/Wonder Woman: Futures End #1. It involved a lengthy dream and a time travelling Superman, and was set in a hypothetical future that exists only to give DC another weekly series that won’t at all matter or probably ever come up again once it’s done. In short, these two issues were a colossal waste of time. I’ll explain why momentarily, but first:


I am going to discuss significant plot details from these two issues!

Don’t read any further unless you’ve read the issues!

Unless you’re skipping the issues but are curious about what happened. I can understand that.

Let’s begin with Wonder Woman, where Wonder Woman was engaged in a war in some sort of mystical realm with an entity called Nemesis. Wonder Woman commanded legions of dead soldiers via her god of war powers, and had a council of generals that included Alexander the Great and Napoleon, the latter of which was traitor who was summarily dispatched. She rescued a trapped platoon, met with her council and killed the fake Napoleon, and then decided to go full berserker god of war and take the fight straight to Nemesis, at which point Superman showed up. That was the end of the issue.

So I opened Superman/Wonder Woman, and guess what? That whole adventure was just a dream. Nemesis had trapped Wonder Woman in Tartarus, where she was fighting demons as an apocalyptic battle played in her head. Superman, time-travelling for some reason, snapped her out of her fog and the two escaped Tartarus and returned to Paradise Island. Wonder Woman then defeated Nemesis by transforming into a white-clad god of peace. The end.

Both issues were aggressively bad. The Wonder Woman issue not only made very little sense, it was rendered immediately pointless by Superman/Wonder Woman. Nothing that happened in Wonder Woman mattered, at all. Not one bit. Which is sort of the theme of all of “Futures End”, I suppose, but still. It was a completely pointless issue to set up a similarly pointless issue of Superman/Wonder Woman that accomplished pretty much nothing but a costume change. Nemesis was defeated, sure, but Nemesis was only a threat so that this two-part story could exist. I have no idea if this time travelling Superman plays a role in the wider “Futures End” event or if god of peace Wonder Woman will have a significant role now, but as a two issue storyline this was just a mess.

The writing wasn’t good, as evidenced by the bizarre structure and poor storytelling, and the art didn’t help things either. The art in Wonder Woman was serviceable at times but generally dull, lifeless, and oddly coloured. The art in Superman/Wonder Woman was slapdash and unappealing. There was just nothing enjoyable going on in either book, from the covers through to the end.

And here’s the thing: I am absolutely fine with stories that are completely pointless and will never come up again, so long as they are good. On a whim, I picked up Batgirl: Futures End #1, Gail Simone’s final issue writing the character. It was set in this “Futures End” world that, again, will no longer matter at all once this storyline is over, and had a story that really had no bearing on anything outside of the book itself. And it was WEIRD. A Bane-inspired Barbara Gordon managed a troupe of Batgirls after her brother killing her husband sent her on a quest to infiltrate and learn from some of the world’s top criminals. But guess what? It was really, really good. Simone’s writing was sharp, hitting the emotions of the dark moments while bringing in humour and making all of the crazy goings on work somehow. And the art was fantastic; the book looked great, from the cover through the entire story. And while it’s as pointless and ephemeral as these Wonder Woman stories, it offered something fun for fans, namely Stephanie Brown in a Batgirl suit again and the long awaited return, however fleeting, of Cassandra Cain. It took what should be a throwaway issue and made it mean something, plus it was just a really good, enjoyable read.

Wonder Woman and Superman/Wonder Woman combined didn’t have a fraction of the heart, fun, or style that Batgirl had. In terms of craft, they were poor. In terms of entertainment, they barely registered. In terms of giving the fans some small thing to be excited about, they had nothing. They just felt like really bad filler.

Let’s end this review on a positive note, because I’ve been trashing these books pretty hard. I do like the god of peace outfit. The white with the gold accents looks sharp, I dig the tall boots, and it’s a look I’d be interested in seeing more of in some capacity elsewhere. I don’t know where or how, I just know that I like the costume. And if you’re going to have only one interesting page over the course of two issues, I suppose you may as well make it the last one so you can go out on a high note.

Apart from that one page, basically what I’m saying here is skip those two issue. And go do yourself a personal favour and pick up Batgirl: Futures End #1 because it is a delight. It’s a big, complete story in 20 pages with lots of fan favourite characters and great moments, and it’s a wonderful cap to Simone’s run on the book. It will bring you joy.

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